“Thailand People’s Chart” most influential Thai celebrities of the decade

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  1. onelovestorie says:

    facial beard face LMAO

    I just can’t…lol…that one got me. The only one i’m surprised about was James. Personally I don’t agree with his win but it’s what the people voted. Anywho who cares…facial beard face has got to be the best title.

    • Susy says:

      i totally agree 100 % with you !!! I don’t understand what thai people fans find something good about JJ,he is really bad to shit !!! you re too nice to say,he has a facial beard face, for me he look like GAY !

      • Kk says:

        Let’s not talk bad about James, don’t try to start anything or i’ll fire back ;P it would be understanding if it was acting but just cause he looks gay its wow. Seems like James can’t win anything or people would get so jealous

        • Berry says:

          Yea I totally agree and I’m a nadech fan lol I just don’t see why James title wasn’t deserving because that’s exactly how they treat him “thaewada” lol ….

        • garfield says:

          James can win something but he’s actually gay. If the truth come out later on you will realize what I’ve said is true. He might be like P’Bird though. No matter what he is, straight or not, he’s still adored by his fans. But the fact is the fact. Let’s just wait & see.

        • Missy says:

          He can win all he wants. But what decade was this voted on? the previous decade? Because James made very little impact on the last decade in comparison to Aum A. / Aff / Mario…Unless they are speaking of the upcoming decade, and they have magical powers to predict the future.

  2. Berry says:

    Lol @ some of these names! I wouldn’t be too proud if I had Yaya’s name. Although she is probably used to it.

  3. Maii says:

    Ann and Ken will forever be the best. Glad they are not forgotten and their title sounds most honorable

  4. thatsouthernasianchick says:

    Don’t agree with Pancake. If any woman deserves that “angel nang’ek or whatever”, it should be Min Pechaya.
    James is so cute! Even though, I think pra’ek taewada title should remain with Oil Thana because he is dang godly.
    Ken and Ann for the win!
    Boy Pakorn has the weirdest title. Lol. He’s like the only pra’ek of this century with facial hair anyway.
    And why is Aum always sexy? Haha! I think it’s about time someone else gets this title…ahem, Sara Legge or Rita.

  5. Shampoo says:

    Aum will forever be known as forever sexy even though other people will be winning that title every year. She was like start the trend of sexiness in Thailand.

  6. okay says:

    I thought Tik would be in there. He, like Anne and Ken only get better looking with age.

  7. Kimm says:

    What does thaewada mean

  8. sovatana says:

    Congrats to Nadech and Yaya for their titles!
    Anne shouldn’t be the Princess, she should have been the Queen of Entertainment already!
    Aum deserves her title but if it had two places, I would give another to Rita. She’s beautifully sexy!
    Facial beard face, haha, what a weird title! I wish Tik was in here too…
    Someone was undeserved for the title. Suptar Taewada huh?Seriously? This title should have belonged to someone who is really a ‘Taewada’!
    I wish it had two places for Father of Pra’ek, so another one could be for Tik, haha.

    • Shampoo says:

      Supstar Taewada because of all the news about James being fussy and arrogant. News of him throwing tantrum and such. Also, news of him wanting to sit down for interview like the Korean and don’t want reporters near him.

      • Kk says:

        I don’t this he’s fussy, its a cruel world, he’s smart enough to dodge the bad things the outside world wants to throw at him ;D

        • Berry says:

          Kk it’s alright. I myself don’t see JJ much of what the news say about him being fussy. It’s his staffing team and managers fault he got that title. Although thaewada does mean godly but they gave him that name by sarcasm. I think Yaya’s title is also sarcastic. That’s just et for you.

      • sovatana says:

        So that’s what the title ‘Suptar Taewada’ means right? Fussy and Arrogant. Then JJ totally deserves it! I admit I like Khun Chai Puttipat but not the guy whose name’s JJ! Yeah, he looks cute. But without the good personality, he’s nothing! I don’t see a good guy behind those smarty glasses. This ain’t any offense, just speaking my mind.

        • Maii says:

          Lol every “yadecher” says that if you want to talk about james there is a thread for that. On here and the rising sun thread *rolls eyes not an offense too

          • Missy says:

            Oh another JJ fans who believes all Yadech fans are out to get JJ. Pleazzeee…that was so last year. JJ’s 15 sec of fame has already gone.

  9. LC says:

    NY only, the rest I don’t care.

  10. hoang binh anh says:

    with i…….yaya and nadech nuber one of showbit of thai lan

  11. Kk says:

    I believe Mark and Nadech is gay too, they always have pictures of them kissing

  12. happy says:

    Sorry all but more than half of the people on the top ten are overrated, except for Anne, Ken, Aum, Ploy, and Chompoo, the others I got no clue how they ended up here. Still happy these few people aren’t forgotten

  13. happy says:

    Can someone please explain how half of these kids who haven’t even been in the industry four even 6 years beat the legendary Ken? What happened to the world?

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