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Thairath Celebrity Poll 2014

Happy New Year!  The Thai media celebrates their first day with a special gift which is “Celebrity Poll”.  This consist of our team members going around asking celebrities with no bias on who is outstanding, who is good, and who is the worst.

celebrity poll

“Pra’ek In Your Heart”

In three consecutive years this title has been “Nadech Kugimiya’s”.  His colleagues in the entertainment voted him with 20.5%.  The second place belong to “Tik Jesadaporn”, who was third place last year with a score of 18.7%.  Following Tik is “Vier Sukollawat” in third place from Channel 7 scoring 13.3%.  Fourth place is “Ken Teeradeth” who doesn’t really have any work out often but still is appreciated by his colleagues.  Other than this, there is one more person who share this place with Ken is “Boy Pakorn” scoring 12.0%.  The fifth place also tie together with 8.4% and that is “Mark Prin” and “Film Rattapoom”.

nadech vier

“Nang’ek In Your Heart”

The nang’ek who took Thailand entertainment’s heart is the real Supstar “Aum Patchrapa” who received a score of 24.5%.  Who follows close behind with 20.7% is “Yaya Urassaya”.  Unexpectedly she climb fast in the list because last year she didn’t even make it to the top 5.  The third person coming behind is “Anne Thongprasom”, who never falls behind with 13.5%.   How could we not have her for our fourth place?  “Chompoo Araya” received a 10.7%.  This year has been a successful year for her even in her love life.  She will become a bride very soon.  As for fifth place, it’s better to be there than not to be at all with “Margie Rasri” who gets a 7.9% vote.


“Singer In Your Heart”

He has been in a lot of entertainers’ heart for many generation, “Bird Thongchai” received a 15.7%.  This year’s second place goes to “Stamp Apiwachorn”.  He not only topping charts with his music but he’s getting points for being a coach in “The Voice” with a 10.3%.  “Parn Thanaporn” falls down from one spot from last year to third place with a vote of 8.8%.  The fourth place falls to the duo singer “New and Jew”, who always release hit songs for us.  Fifth place has to have the group “Bodyslam” who falls off of their second place.  The other singer who shares with them is Yinglee Sichumphon with 7.0%.


“Beautiful, Sweet and Charming”

After stealing the crown from “Aff Taksorn” last year, this year “Aum Patchrapa” still is crowning the first place but she didn’t come alone.  The first place is now share with “Mai Davika” with a 15.0%.  The second place is weird too because “Yaya Urassaya” and “Chompoo Araya” ties it with 12.4%.  Third place is a nang’ek who is beautiful like off the screen “Srita Jenson” with 7.3%.  The fourth place goes to “Aff Taksorn” with 6.6%.  The fifth place is “Kim Kimberley” with 5.7%.

maidavika kimberly

“Exquisitely Handsome”

It is still another year that “Nadech Kugimiya” dominates two categories other than “Pra’ek In Your Heart”.  He is voted the most handsome with 35.6%.  Come in second place is “Tik Jesadaporn” whose handsomeness has not fade with 14.5%.  The third place is “Mario Maurer” with 13.4%.  The fourth place is “Dome Pakorn” with 8.0%.  The fifth place with 5.0% though has three people sharing it, “Ananda Everingham”, “James Jirayu”, and “Vier Sukollawat”, and here we thought channel 7 pra’ek is drop off the caravan.

domepakorn tikjessadaporn

“Sexiest of the Year”

She dominates in all three categories with no apology.  “Aum Patchrapa” owns sexiest of the year again with votes of 36.0%.  The second place is “Poo Pralya” who looks at Aum as an idol with 16.8%.  The third place still belongs to “Chompoo Araya” with 9.5%.  The fourth place is “Yaya Ying” with 7.7% vote sharing with “Baitoey R-Siam”.  Lastly, this place belong to “Gybzy Wanida” with 5.6%.


“Rising New Star”

With the “Hormones” series fever “Kao Supasara” in the role “Sprite” lead as number one rising new star this year with 12.8% vote.  The number two spot goes to “March Cuthawuthi” with 10.9%.  The third place is “Patricia Good” and “Mew Nittha”, two nang’eks from channel 3 with 8.8%.  The fourth place is “DJ Push Putachai” who is an Exact pra’ek who constantly is being push in lakorn with 7.3%.  The fifth place is “Nong Wanmai” with 5.6%.

kaosuparasaya patriciagood waanmai

“Damn of the Year”

No one likes to appear in this category but just think of this as a reflection of your mistake and improve from there to be beloved by your colleagues.  Let’s start with the new hot case with “Kratai Maxim” who is being damn for dressing almost naked for everyone to look at!  Before that there was “Jamie Booher” who dress embarrassingly. “Wawwa Nichari”, this person got exposed by producer “Tu Piyawadee” about her lack of manners!  As for pra’ek “Bomb Tanin”, even though he’s heavily criticized for being “pra’ek robot”, what they damn him for his is stiff hands.  “Ammie”, arrogant singer who was caught by Aida’s wife as homewrecker.  “Nathan Oman” shocked everyone with his grand opening after getting his 4 dimensional eyebrows.  No one cares about him having a rich boyfriend.  What he is damn for is when will he pay all his debts to “Aunt Mod”?!


Translated Article

Source: Thairath | January 1, 2015



  1. wow…… congratulation P’NADECH!!!! may you success all way through in life. congratulation to my belove tik pholdee. you are always my dream men, still love you and aom piyada very much. most important of all congratulation to the beautiful women in this world ( GOD DESS ) is YAYA URASSAYA. my idol, my everything. in my heart you are number one. you are special just the way you are, you know you are.

    p.s. YOU KNOW HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE. LOVE nadechyaya…….

  2. I’m glad to see Aum as number one. Acting and looks she deserves it! It was a given for Nadech. The rest of them I just feel is only based by fans, but congrats to them too.

  3. Mark & Mike should be on the “Damn of the Year” list too. 555…. Funny these two didn’t make it.

  4. theres something not right about yaya and kims feature and that’s yayas yellow teeth and kim big nose. davika should ne on the top list.

    • That was bad pictures of them. Yellow teeth in pictures are due to insufficient lighting. Everyone gets them when they are in lousy lighting.

  5. hahaa….. lol, do you need to look that close. since you say it, now I see it. about kim I don’t know but about our PRINCESS YAYA, in reality she does not have yellow teeth. nong have white teeth and her breath small good. nong yaya always keep her breath freash because the owner of her mouth is a breath freak.

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