Thairath Celebrity Poll 2014

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  1. angielee says:

    wow…… congratulation P’NADECH!!!! may you success all way through in life. congratulation to my belove tik pholdee. you are always my dream men, still love you and aom piyada very much. most important of all congratulation to the beautiful women in this world ( GOD DESS ) is YAYA URASSAYA. my idol, my everything. in my heart you are number one. you are special just the way you are, you know you are.

    p.s. YOU KNOW HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE. LOVE nadechyaya…….

  2. Berry says:

    I’m glad to see Aum as number one. Acting and looks she deserves it! It was a given for Nadech. The rest of them I just feel is only based by fans, but congrats to them too.

  3. Sunyah says:

    Mark & Mike should be on the “Damn of the Year” list too. 555…. Funny these two didn’t make it.

  4. marigold says:

    theres something not right about yaya and kims feature and that’s yayas yellow teeth and kim big nose. davika should ne on the top list.

    • wayway says:

      That was bad pictures of them. Yellow teeth in pictures are due to insufficient lighting. Everyone gets them when they are in lousy lighting.

  5. angielee says:

    hahaa….. lol, do you need to look that close. since you say it, now I see it. about kim I don’t know but about our PRINCESS YAYA, in reality she does not have yellow teeth. nong have white teeth and her breath small good. nong yaya always keep her breath freash because the owner of her mouth is a breath freak.

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