ABAC Poll: Best of 2012

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  1. Kizukami says:

    there is no doubt RN won, but how the heck TNNKK is 2nd? ROFL even though the gap is huge lol

  2. thailakorn123 says:

    Wow the percent for Nadech. I don’t know how TNNKK got second either lol.

  3. Lalita says:

    Lol at all the year end polls

  4. Moonchild says:

    Thanks a lot for the trans!

    Well, judging by the ages of the voters, I’m not surprise as to why TNNKK place 2nd. Quite surprise that Na still top the poll by a large margin with his boring Athik role though, but hey I’m a happy fangirl with the result. 😛

  5. newtolakorns says:

    I’m happy TNNKK made the list. I appreciated that Yadech played in this land loving lakorn even though they knew that this lakorn might not be as popular as those slap kiss, revenge, or romantic comedy.

    Thank you na Lalita for the translation. Your time and efforts are much appreciated.

  6. yellowchewystars says:

    hi so sorry just wanted to say that the percentage doesn’t seem to tally up. did the source make a mistake?

  7. yellowchewystars says:

    oh and this is my first time leaving a reply. just wanted to thank all the administrators & writers for working hard, doing a good job and producing such a great site. i come here every day to get my fix of thai et news. thanks!

  8. Lalita says:

    Perhaps cause the voters voted for many other category, but it wasn’t enough to make the cut. Example, maybe half the people all chose different lakorns, cause there are so many to choose from . But cause they all chose differently it wasn’t enough of a percentage to be included in the list. Thanks for the compliment yellowchewystars.

  9. Shampoo says:

    They only list the top 5. They other didn’t make the cut. Lol

  10. Female Voters more than 50 %,,,wow gangnam style 1st best song vote-not surprising

  11. Tipstar says:

    Thanks for the list!

    Only 0.1% between Chom and Aum, which is very interesting. Surprised Yaya wasn’t higher, but I guess everyone loves Anne, Chom and Aum more. 😀

    Nadech really killed the competition with the number of votes.

    • newtolakorns says:

      Actually, I’m not surprised that Yaya didn’t make the top three. Yaya would make the top if she was to compare with the new generation. However, it is more competitive for the ladies poll. No body can top the queen of acting – Anne, the forever queen of sexy – Aump, and the constantly receive a lot of work – Chompoo. Nadech is already popular and he doesn’t have much competition here.

      • Kizukami says:

        lol I agree, I mean how can we really compare Yaya to Anne, Aum P and Chompoo? LOL but Yaya is above Janie though
        But definitely if with the newbies, yaya will beat them LOL

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