The end to romance between Mario and Gubgib

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  1. Qass says:

    So Gubgib is the culprit here?lol…
    i can’t believe she’s cheating on Mario for another man…
    Usually good looking man is the one who has been caught cheating…
    What happen to the world nowadays??. lol lol lol

  2. lovely yadech says:

    is this true..then how come i read some news when mario sad they still okay..

  3. alaki says:

    this is not true. she just posted a cute pic of mario squeezing her cheeks on instagram 3 days ago

  4. Kizukami says:

    now imagine Mario’s fans bashing Gubgib *chills*
    I always thought it’d be Mario who would walk away on GG, but seems like… hummm Mario got blown LMAO

  5. Shampoo says:

    We’ll see if this is true. Sigh so sad.

  6. :) says:

    Hopefully this is not true. I love these two together.

  7. pink_juliet says:

    I doubt this is true, even it is, they might just be on a break, and will be back together, like in the past. I really hope these 2 work out. They are so adorable together. I love how protective he is of her. Gubgib’s crazy, fun self is such a good addition to Mario’s usual, calm, collective, quiet demeanor. <3

  8. blackjackxshawolxyadech says:

    I doubt this is true as well. And I think that GG doesn’t have another man that she is seeing, he is probably just a friend. This is where most guys go off the road and start jumping to conclusions. Anyways I really hope they don’t break up, they are really cute together & have been going out for a while

  9. susanletesoro says:

    if it truth for them broke up mario can not move on itself due he can not live without that girl even he knows that she is two timer gold digger and magdalena he only ignore that matter we hate mario for being to much crazy foolish puppet robot and especially german doggie to gubgib he also to be loyal forever to his lover it is not good for him he only loves one but not to his life before you loves first of all yourself only and to his mother not to her he gives all his body and soul so now think many millions times before you give your life please don!t back again to her be happy and enjoy your life single you are so young at ages of 23 if your are mature you will not regret what happen to you in future

    • Shampoo says:

      I think you’ve mistaken. It said that in the past GG was upset he couldn’t admit publicly she’s his gf.thats why she wanted to distant herself from him but he gave up because he couldn’t live without her… That’s why they are now publicly dating.

      The cheating rumors just start now and it said he cut her out. We don’t know how true this news is since no one has confirmed anything. But from what I read, the manager (not sure which one) laughed at this crazy news. He/she said those two are still good and they trust each other. They dated for 7 years and more, they’re probably ready to married. Lol

  10. Shampoo says:

    GG denied this news… And I think they are too sweet to cheat on each other.

  11. GG is a Bitch! says:

    b**** GG! Go away from Mario!

  12. susanletesoro says:

    where that rumors came from please tell the truth if this is now okey mario always said that their relationship still going on if they not tell in the media the truth their fans was worry so both of you stepdown on showbiz live now as ordinary person so that both of you are have no problem on your lovelife be truth honesty is best policy mario is now a broken minded to gubgib he will not move on with out her he was so much idiot man

  13. susanletesoro says:

    the two pairs relationships are so jerk they always say that rumors are break up issue they always says also their still strong why they so funny the fans to be crazy to them they are so very idiot persons can do what they want to do their lovelife so they mush go to hell and be happy forever they want to be famous couple in whole world don!t be surprise if they will down their career someday the man name is torotot puppet puppy doggie and idiot

  14. susanletesoro says:

    l don!t believe them in interview both of them are same words they only joking them the fans be funny and crazy to be followers mario will fall down his career due of gubgib she is a flower snake forever to her mario wants to be a called a torotot man puppet robot and so much crazy minded he can not live without her in his life he did not love her mother due of gubgib due he always follow what gubgib want he was a under the saya man he can not make a decision without concern of gubgib he always following the laws of her he also denied what happen to her he always says is only a rumors only he defending the sins she make and always say he knows the character of gubgib he was on side to gubgib we hate you to be like that to loves the girl so much even in hell we will see in future come if both are you say the truth story in your life we will laugh laugh you for being a liar man

  15. NancyDrew says:

    and now she’s with another dude and is pregnant..lmao life has a lot of twists

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