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Tono Pakin holds press conference; Gives reason for separation with Tangmo

“Tono Pakin” reveals the ending of his marriage with tears after “Tangmo Pattaratida” discloses of her disappointment with love to the point of suicidal.


Due to an unexpected suicide attempt from “Tangmo Pattaratida”,  on the 7th of this month, Tangmo held a press conference with tears and apologizing for doing stupid things.  Tangmo also discloses her love to Tono and said Tono was the one who walked away from their house.

Tono Pakin

“I sent him message to read but nothing from him for 3 months now.  Every time we give interview, we said we are distant but never said divorce from our own mouth.  It makes me unable to say anything else.  I don’t know what decision to make.  I don’t know what the answer is.  Are we over?  I am confused.”  This is the question that she wants answer from Tono, the man that she loves.


Recently, on February 8th at 5 P.M., “Tono Pakin” held a press conference at GMM Entertainment building.


“I am happy that she is safe.  I called her manager and father.  Before when we argued there are times that this happen.  But since we broke up, I wasn’t there.  I know of the news at 1 P.M. through the Instagram pictures.  At that time, I was worried about her.  When two people try to make their love work and no matter what, when it doesn’t end beautifully, there is sadness.  No one is happy; Mo, Mo’s father and my mom.  The cause is because of me.  I am sorry no matter who is affected.  It’s my fault and I am always apologizing throughout our separation.  Mo sent me message and some I answer back and some I didn’t.”


“Our status now is, yes, we are over.  As for my stuff, she told me not to go get it yet because she’s afraid it will make her sick.  I haven’t gone to get it, yet.  I am still a Christian.  I think people has their own choice to their religion.  I don’t want to get in too deep on the reason why we separated.  There is no benefit for anyone.  I don’t want anyone to understand me any deeper.  As for the criticism on me, I understand it and can live with it.  As for the news that Mo threw all my stuffs out of the house, that’s untrue.  That kind of incident never happen.  Love is bigger than any money that I can choose.  When I was with Mo, she made me very happy, not just bad things.  Mo is my love, I never thought of hurting her.  No matter what is being said, some words will still affect her but she has to be strong.  We talked about this before.  No one suddenly just walks out of their love one’s life without talking.  We did talk.  If she said I blocked her on the line app, then I probably did.”


“If she wants me to return, I can but not in the same status.  That doesn’t mean I hate her, just that this moment isn’t the time.  Don’t forget that we have to think about our parents too.  I don’t want anyone to sympathize or become weak.  I have to keep smiling and stay strong for the people around me to feel strength too.  I never thought about getting rid of my tattoo, because at one point in time in my life, this woman was the love of my life.  I never try to lie.  Love isn’t just about two people but about parents that we have to take care of as well.  I am still proud that I had loved her.  One day when we are separated, then it means we are separated.  No one knows when.  We don’t sit there and think of this and that.  If you ask what I said at the concert affected her?  I admitted I was wrong.  I was stupid for not thinking about her feelings.  We cleared it out a long time ago.  However, if she still isn’t feeling well and if me going makes her better, I will go.  The words she said she will try to reconcile in every way… eh, this just isn’t about me.  When we were walking hand in hand together and love each other, we did everything to the best of our ability but no matter things can’t go back the same anymore.   At the end, I want her to think about her family, the people she loves the most.  Make due with our duty because that’s our responsibility.”


Translated Article

Source: Sanook | July 8, 2015


  1. How nice… He still protects Tangmo even though they separated already. Not everyone can do that specially in time that they just broke up. At least here we see how they protect each other unlike others who are like strawberry in front of the camera.

  2. Pi…. hope you will be together like once..don’t want to hear about separate….

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