Top 12 Best Magazine Shoots of Year 2012

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  1. Shampoo says:

    Yarry is so hot, they made twice for us. I think the last magazine just made in time to close 2012.

  2. Mai says:

    When I did my picks, I made sure I put all biased aside. There were some covers I wanted but since the celebrity was already covered I had to give up my choice lol

  3. newtolakorns says:

    Wow, this is awesome!

    I like 11 out 12 and my Yarry made the list twice.

    THANK YOU to the staff at Sugar Daily!

  4. melenda says:

    They all are great! Hehe Yarry made it twice! Woohoo ^_^

  5. Lalita says:

    @ newtolakorns which cover didn’t you like lol.

  6. Kizukami says:

    I am surprised that u guys actually voted for Yarry twice, I really love the first photoshoot of Yarry, sexy but so cute <3 I can't wait for the last one too

    • Shampoo says:

      I chose the first cover of theirs because they were like romance characters come to life. lol Mai chose the second one.

      • Mai says:

        Lalita liked the first cover too, so basically it was ur pick and Lalita’s pick.

        Yarry almost made it 3 times, it’s a little unrealistic that out of so many photoshoots that Na would make it 3 times on a list of 12 lol. Yaya’s had better shoots on her own. And so has Aum. But lalita and shamp picked one that had Na in it lol

        • Kizukami says:

          I love the first one, but I don’t feel much about the last one. I agree with the choices here except the one with Ken P and Baifern, I don’t find it hot lol. The rest, super like it!

          • Mai says:

            The last one, I love it cause Yaya just looks so exotic in the shoot. Na’s like an accessory lol.

            I picked Ken and Baifern’s shoot based on Lalita’s recommendation. Baifern looks pretty hot in there.

  7. Kizukami says:

    @Mai: Yeah, Yaya looks pretty in the last one, but overall, the cover isn’t WOW, Baifen def looks hot, bu it’d be hotter if there was only her LOL, besides the first one, Mai’s cover and Ploy’s cover are also my favorites too

  8. Shampoo says:

    There are a lot of magazines out there but the qualities aren’t as good as high profile magazines. Most famous celebrities get to be on Preaw, Sudsapda, IN, Wedding, Image, Kullasatree, Traveling Companion and etc.. Even the free magazine DON’T have good covers and is a quality of their own The rest of the magazines are low qualities and even cheap looking. Even Seventeen magazine covers don’t come out nice.

  9. ashamb says:

    I totally agree Yarry’s first pic is the best cover of the year. I picked Mai Davika’s as 1st runnerup…gorgeous. I just wish Min would wear dress instead denim for her mag cover. Baifern… OMG…didn’t recognise her at first…stunning.

  10. Tipstar says:

    My favourite would be Son and Vill. 🙂 I loved their shoot too.

  11. Dal says:

    Thank you! What fun to do this top 12. I am hoping the IMAGE shoot of Nadech & Yaya in Bali will be nice. I like the other cover if it as well. I also like Vier’s Men’s Health a lot but he looked pretty good for Crow Magazine too. Pancake looks stunning on that cover. I LOVE her dress.

    Great choices, girls.

  12. Dal says:

    Oh…& Aum looks fantastically BEAUTIFUL in practically all her shoots.

  13. bubba says:

    Wow, all the covers look great!! I like them all except for the one with Ken P. and Baifern, it looks too photo shopped.
    I love the first one of Nadech and Yaya (so adorable) the most, then comes the last one with Nadech and Yaya (so beautiful) , so bias hehe. Nways, Ploy , Vier, and Aum P. look awesome too.

  14. Lalita says:

    Ken looked good in the inside pictures moreso than the cover,, Baifern looked really good too.

  15. kbwblove says:

    I second all of spicy’s picks except for one…The one of Min P. for Candy. There’s no wow factor, in fact I think I would walk right pass this mag cover without a second look. Min looks pretty and sweet with flowers in her hair…but compare to all the other ones, this one just doesn’t cut it. Otherwise, I agree with all the other ones.

  16. Suk says:

    I very like Son & Vill cover is so nice

  17. aikoden says:

    Oh, i liked the picked choices.I really liked the pancake cover, I’m glad that they(the mag) chosed that for the actual cover as well, because it could’ve been a different cover.

    And awwwe, Yarry to start and end it off 😛

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