TV 3 Fanclub Awards 2012

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  1. Lalita says:

    Lol I’m happy Nadech & Yaya got this one

  2. Sleepy20 says:

    The fans voted? No wonder why I see TNNKK in first place. But congrats to them all! They have such loyal fans.

  3. Tipstar says:

    I’m surprised that Chalida got third place even though she hasn’t had a lakorn since Ruk Partiharn which was last year. Neua Mek 2 only aired recently. I guess a lot of people do love her like me. 😀

  4. Moonchild says:

    Or maybe his fans were piss off that Mark’s fans bragged way too early?

    • Moonchild says:

      Oops this meant to reply to Shamp comment.

      Anyways thanks a lot for the news na. Glad Eyes won as hot new rising. I actually like her.

  5. morningdawn says:

    I swear every award i’ve seen nadech and yaya have won … im starting to get over seeing them everywhere

  6. Candyy says:

    was the sixth sense really that good?? maybe i should give it a try…

    happy mint made it in the top three.

  7. Jazz says:

    Glad the Mint C made it and even thought I was a huge fan of her, it definitely changed my perspective about her after Neur Mek 2 =) I hope to see her more aften and hopefully one day she takes the number 1 spot =) Also congrats to all the winners!!

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