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Unbelievable! Yaya hit with harsh gossip that her personality changed

Went and heard something pleasant to the ears, something unbelievable about Channel 3’s superstar leading actress “Yaya Urassaya” where in the past when she wasn’t famous yet she was adorable, smiling and cheerful.  Her personality was friendly to everyone.  

Who said Yaya doesn't smile?

Who said Yaya doesn’t smile?

Now presently she’s turned famous with fireworks, with an increase in lakorns, more advertisements, many people are gossiping that Yaya’s personality has changed and she has become increasingly unapproachable.  This is a result of how lately the sweet smile that this leading actress once possessed has gone completely missing.  Even more so during the latest Channel 3 event people, who met the real Yaya for the first time, said that they were a bit disappointed in her.  Those that greeted her were received with her sullen facial expression.  Oh but in this case fans will have to be a bit understanding of Yaya because she works a lot sometimes her face isn’t always ready to accept guests all the time.  Anyhow fans don’t think too far ahead and think of her as more arrogant, because if that’s the case she wouldn’t come this far. 

Yaya pretty in white

Yaya pretty in white

Yaya paying her respects

Yaya paying her respects


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Source: Gossipstar | April 30, 2015


  1. She’s tired. It’s normal that your mood changes a bit. No one can be that peppy all the time.

    • That’s what I was about to say too, she’s a busy girl so perhaps she is just very tired. I don’t watch her Lakorn but if this girl is CH:3 “it girl” and she has a load of things to do then it all means “she tired”.

  2. Omg.*roll eyes* come on.. she’s human being too! We all are not happy all the time !

  3. Agreed!!!

  4. yaya is not a saint or a supernatural being she has the right to get tired and needs some rest i dont think she is arrogant LOL to those who wrote bad about yaya….well yaya has to pay the price of being a superstar good luck sweetie NYers love you no matter what.

  5. No one who happy all the times.
    Yaya su su!!

  6. This negative comments must came from Yaya’s haters. Truth will reveal.

  7. Like everyone is saying. She must be tired. Regardless Yaya still seems soo sweet.

  8. Karma to the hater. Yaya is a angel. She always smile and show respect to other. Feel so sorry that this happen to her.

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