Undefined love; Mark Prin defines Kim Kimberley as his important person

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  1. HoaMi says:

    i can’t keep my face from smiling while reading this article! So happy for the two of them!

  2. LilyPad says:

    They deserve the best and true happiness. Love them! <3

  3. Danyestelle says:

    If you read what she posted about him on her IG, it is obviously that they are dating… Nobody calls someone their “other half, human dairy, etc.” if they are not more than friends 😉

  4. angielee says:

    good thing and bad thing going through my mind right now but anyway get married so their is no more problem. the fans will be very happy. I’m glad that you guys are improving.

  5. Peou ponhaleap says:

    I want mark to make it up with mint a little

  6. angielee says:

    why? what happen had already happen. they are an adult and things will never be forget. the best thing is stay away from each other if it’s not related to work. some time it’s best be to alone with out negative people. now mark and kim is good. why want to mix every thing up again.

  7. Oui says:

    Awww this article is so so so sooooo CUUUUUTE!!! Love MK!! It’s high time people should stop bringing Mint in between. MK are way cuter! (I’m not against M-Team either, but in reality it’s MK) They’re so in love with each other. I hope this lasts 😀 <3

    • LOL-@-Oui says:

      I would LOVE to do a NEVER ending respond to Oui-Oui- aka-P U S S Y eater/ C O C K -S U C K E R to her devoted lover MK but I believe someone is trying to “block ” me from responding to Oui-oui ( who also eats my P U S S Y) b/c “they feel sorry for her”. 5555555555555555555555^ 10000000- LMAO

  8. MK says:

    Yap we’re MK ^_^ they are so cute & adorable together ! Love them since 3NNT 😀

  9. angielee says:

    fan of MK, ha…. I don’t support people that steal other lover or try to break couple/soul mate apart. it’s a BIG KARMA in life, believe it or not it’s up to you guys. but every women in this world deserve to be love and should be love by the men they truly love. in reality, shear all the good thing with other and keep all the bad thing inside your heart. I do admire MINT and love her very much. best wishes for you and may you find happiness in every way you go, BEAUTIFUL MINT. for kim, no matter what typed of person you are, I wish you and mark will love each other forever because when you reach my age, you will know the different between love and real love. you will know what you need instead of what you want.

    p.s. I’M CRAZY, DO YOU LOVE? p’nadech say to nong yaya.

  10. angielee says:

    almost forgot if I’m MK fan, I would be worried instead of being happy about this couple. please don’t get mad. the reason why I said this is #1 if they end up happily ever after then it’s super good, right? #2 if there relationship end up bad then, kim will be the one that hurt the most because after all the money she put into mark is like flush down the toilet. who know behide close door.

    • fadwa says:

      first i think everyone should enjoy and try to live in the present without the fear of the future no one knows what will happen in the future so don’t waist your time present thinking about future just live as you want and feel i think that’s what MK doing so if they broke up or not is not the end of the world you learn in life and you go on second i think there’s contradiction in your words in time you say “because after all the money she put into mark is like flush down the toilet” and then you say “who know behind the close door” soo if you don’t know about what there’s behind door don’t try to put your guessing and speculation as a fact

  11. Ndependentlady says:

    Kim keep cheering for your man! Mark keep cheering for your woman! Life is to short to read or care about what others has to say about how your future is going to turn out they don’t even know how their future is gonna turn out lol experience the love the romance and the happiness if one day it’s not meant to be then it’s not but if it is meant of be we are happy and will be gladly waiting for wedding bells and pictures! Your still young! Travel the world explore it and live it, love it 🙂 God bless you both!!

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