Undeniably loveable Yaya in school Uniform; loved by all!

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  1. Zazoured says:

    Thank you so much Lalita. Yaya was really cute at this event. So many nice pictures with everyone. Well if channel3 is going to give her a handful of lakorns , I am hoping that they are going to be really interesting ones too.

  2. bubba says:

    Thanks for sharing na. Yaya is so adorable as always.

  3. Tipstar says:

    Thanks Lalita. I thought the Por-Yaya pair would grow on me, but it still hasn’t. He still looks like her uncle. LOL

  4. yadechlovers! says:

    Thanks lalita for sharring!! Yaya is such a sweetheart to everybody! Love her too!!

  5. Kizukami says:

    Por’s head is like as twice as Yaya’s head ROFFFL HAHHAHAH

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