Vier defends Mai Davika “Not 3rd hand in Mario-Gubgib’s relationship”

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  1. Lee says:

    Man I hate Mai Davika!!

  2. princess says:

    Wow, Mia so ugly nowaday and she look like a tooth pick.Bone everywhere,hope she look at herself in the mirror.can’t act and now so skinny.

  3. Lovely girl says:

    I love Mai so much. She is very beautiful girl in ch7. Now Mai very popular. Hope Mai & dome have a good news soon.

  4. Andra says:

    After watching pee mak phra khanong, I became a huge fan of Mai Davika. Then I started searching all about her.As a result, I came here. As time goes by, I lost inspiration to Mai, whether the news were true or not, I hope that Calling MAI a third hand will just stop 🙁

  5. Andra says:

    I hope that this issue will stop as soon as possible. I really adore Mai Davika. She’s my idol. Please, if there are issues regarding third hands, please don’t hate Mai or anyone else involved. They have also feelings.

  6. Be respectful says:

    Why are the comments so mean with Mai?
    I don’t think she’s ugly, I think she is really pretty. And there is nothing wrong with being skinny.
    Don’t you see that she was accused for 3rd hand before and never was confirmed? It was never confirmed because they are just rumours! Things that magazines create just to sell!
    She has feelings, please be respectful.

  7. Rak says:

    Mai is super duper gorgeous and so lovely. I think the reason why Mai gets a lot of hate is because she’s so gorgeous and we all know that hater tend to get jealous when they see someone beautiful and successful. SuSu Mai 😀

  8. dave says:

    I’m not a fan of MIA nor idolized her, I’m here because i admire her and im inspired with her when i first saw her movie Pee Mak , she is simple in the movie the way she wears her clothes and her straight simple hair i hope in her real life she’s the same though she’s an actress. and I’m glad she is single ,even if she cant read this comment , my advice to her is go on to his goal in life no matter what stalker’s do to her she is still on her feet to move forward, love can wait, the man that he deserve to be and it is preserved when she is ready. at this time focus your goals , leave the things that doesn’t make sense lastly cheer up!

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