Vier Sukollawat puts a break on relationship with Bella Ranee

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  1. Lalita says:

    Is there a reason why Vier loves bringing up Mai’s name in every interview regarding his love life lol. Just love how they almost all have the same answers, when in comes to their love life. At some point , you aren’t sure if you’re reading the same thing twice, as the stars love repeating the same thing. And people complain about the press repeating questions, the stars love repeating the same political correct answers.

  2. Lovely girl says:

    I think the girl that he is interest is Mai Davika. He alway said about Mai ‘ s name in every interview.

  3. Lalita says:

    No, Mai isn’t his type, he does like luk kreung girls. Beside its pretty obvious he and Bella have something going on, as they are from different channels, meaning it has nothing to do with love promos, or anything else. So when they do hang out, it means something significant

  4. Mike says:

    He should go for Min. They make a beautiful couple. =D

  5. Shampoo says:

    He’s so quick to announced a relationship and to put a break. I don’t think Vier knows what he wants at this moment.

  6. Kizukami says:

    still remember with that Cat girl, he was so happy telling he finally got a new girl and it turned out she already had bf loo
    what a slap

  7. Shampoo says:

    She play him lol

  8. Honda says:

    I don’t think Weir was really into Bella that much, there’s no sparks when he’s talking about her, sparks were flying every where when he was talking to Cat.

  9. Mai says:

    What he’s saying in this interview is the same he’s been saying in the last 2 dozen interviews I read of his. That he doesnt have time for a relationship. So I dont see how this is taking a break from Bella.

  10. loveoftvb says:

    MAI DAVIKA! I’m rooting for them. (and secretly I think he’s buffing up so Pancake will regret breaking up with him!)

  11. Princess says:

    Don’t know why so much news on Wier, he’s not only pra’ek in the channel and Mai too. See Mai news only on being third hand not on her acting. I wonder if she plays lakorn with pra’ek not A- list actor, how her rating is right. Only wonder!

  12. See says:

    Weir is so annoying to me. I used to sympathize with him after the whole thing with Pan but afterwards, I realized that in a way, he caused that problem on himself. Now a days, he uses his love interest to keep him in the news which is pathetic. Its a smart technique but its s boring one as well esp when its so repetitive like Weir’s case. Whenever I think of him, I think back to when he told the world about his spec. She has to be small, light skinned, long legs, chinese looking etc etc. lmao! Wth he aint no Brad Pitt so dont be so arrogant and picky. He’ll be like oh Mai Davika is beautiful but she’s luk kreung, however I’ll always use her name as an example of someone I’m close with. Another thing that irks me is him defending Mai of not being a third wheel. There was more than proof of her flirting with Dome. Third hand or not, for her to have a conversation like that with a taken man is wrong. Weir is really in no position to defend her unless he’s her boyfriend or family member, which in this case he’s neither. I truly believe this thing with Bella wont last all that long and for her sake, I hope she stays away from him.

    • Honda says:

      I’m not going debate if Mai is a third wheel or not but don’t understand why one has to be a bf or family member to defend someone. I don’t see why it’s wrong to defend a friend if one feels its the right thing to do.

  13. Maira says:

    oh…I wish he can just dating Kwan instead going around flirts with so many girls to be famous. If I am Kwan, I will take Weir because she was accused by pancake so I will take the advantage to do so.

  14. beans says:

    Honestly, they look hot together. Lol.

  15. i just love min and him together…they suit

  16. Dah Lu says:

    I want Min and him dating that would be a cute couple

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