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Viewers named Yam Matira as falling and forgotten nang’ek

We have seen sweet face “Yam Matira” receiving quite a few main role in some lakorn but there is no sign of her blooming star or becoming a Sup’star like the rest.  This make a lot of people giving her the name “The forgotten nang’ek”.  Yam is confuse before telling us that,

yam matira

Eh… I don’t know what to feel.  But am I annoy by it?  No.  Let’s just gradually get there.


Is it because your character isn’t distinctive? 

It’s probably because my character in the past is not the same.  I play both good and bad.


Is it because you don’t accept event that people don’t see your face often? 

At this moment, I am busy with filming lakorn so there is no opportunity for me to accept event.


So, does it mean the elders give you a lot of lakorn? 

The elders continuously give me lakorn.  Is it heavy duty?  It is kind of because I accepted to play in 3 lakorns.


How is your love life since you’re so busy? 

Like I said, filming is tiring so I haven’t think about that kind of stuff.  Also, school is about to start again.


So, do you still talk to Pe’Sunny? 

I still talk to him.  We are still sibling.  Our status is the same and hasn’t progress (laugh).


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Source: Sanook | July 9, 2015

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