Viewers fed up? Yaya-Nadech forcing the JIN

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  1. Linda says:

    I still love her and Nadech no matter what.

  2. Berry says:

    Idk I’m not a yadech shipper all like that but if this considered forced what shall we call MK? But yea this koo Jin koo Kwan stuff is really not even cool anymore. Maybe I’m just getting older. Idk.

    • :) says:

      Im not a yadech shipper as well, I think that’s its b/c I seem to find these two doing Lakorn together all the time that I got bored. although they are very cute. wish them the best.

      Ummm, still a little sad about this friendship thing. I’m not a BIG fan of these girls as well put to read about the whole Mint situation thing is very SAD.

      but for me, No matter what, I make time to see my friends. Im sure their busy but if u “really really want ” some girl time, u make it happen no matter what.

  3. :) says:

    Just looking at that photo of them all w/o Mint is SAD. It’s like …. there all friends but one is missing.

  4. from anyone who is an NY HATER …….NY are really boring and annoying but sorry to disappoint the haters NY RULES no matter what they will remain number 1

  5. Laila says:

    Even if you haven’t collaborate in a long while or talk, that shouldn’t define your friendship. I rarely have time to meet any of my friends or talk to them due to my busyness, but I still try my best to talk to them once in a while to see what’s up. Just because you rarely have time to talk and catch up with one another doesn’t mean that you can downgrade your relationship, especially if you know that you both are busy. You can still be close and not talk much. As long as you still love and care for that person then it should be more than enough. You don’t need to collaborate to talk. I’m sure they have enough free time to text or call one another. For goodness sake. It’s the 21st century. We all have cell phones. It’s not that hard to take it out and text someone. Don’t get me wrong. I like NY. I’m just a little upset that she said they saw each other in the changing room but they didn’t even bother to include her in their picture that they posted up on IG. Whatever the case is, i’m tired of this whole koo jin/koo kwan thing. It used to be cool during Ken-Anne, Ateam, Rteam, and etc. days but not anymore. It’s so overuse now. Sigh.

    • :) says:

      So TRUE about what u said Laila… the whole “Yes I did get to talk to her because we all were in the same room. We even got to hug”.

      That’s just SAD. T ___T

  6. whitelily says:

    I’m tired of all these koo Jin stuff.. these people need stop BS, just speak the truth and move on.. I careless about NY or MK, they’re overrated!! I love watching thai lakorn but they have the same pairing all the time its get boring. the only sad thing about them is friendship is ruin and it will never be the same..

  7. Mouna says:

    You stolen my word, I am to a big fan of mint child I like her since the CUBIC but they should stop take people like fool. She didn’t hurt anyone with her word but they outcasting her. I think Mark Prin have better behave when Ae Supachai were managing him but now all go wrong since he left him.

  8. Lyly says:

    On the bottom line, nobody know exactly what was going on with their friendship. All I know is I believe in Yaya that she is mature enough to own up to what she has done. And, I’m sure she knows what she was doing. If she didn’t post a picture with mint, she would have her own reason. She doesn’t have to post a picture just to please anyone. She’s true to herself as always. Some thing in dramas which sometimes happen in real life, a pathetic little girl isn’t always a nice girl that you see with just your eyes from the outside. Only those who are close that know.

    • :) says:

      It would be nice to see her take a picture with Mint. I’m pretty sure she’s in a awkward situation but ..HEY… you don’t just choose to take mostly picture with one friend. I’m not saying that Yaya is bad or anything or that she needs to prove anything but it would just be nice to see that it’s not about choosing friends.

      I don’t know … I Think I’m a little confuse now … Lol !!!

  9. Dakota says:

    From what we heard and see from the news about what happened between Mint and Mark I think the friendship and trust they have with Mint is gone. What Mint did to Mark by releasing the line conversation she could have done it to either one of them. I don’t think they trust her anymore. She ruined Mark’s reputation and almost his life as an actor. He lost millions in advertistments because of the scandal. If I would them I would not trust her. This is not the type of friend you want to have in your life especially in this business. What else is she capable of doing if she done this to her own friend? The scandal could have been dealt with privately. Life goes on. People just need to get over it.

    • whitelily says:

      I’m sorry but I disagree with you Dakota. It’s not all Mint fault. Every party is equally wrong in that matter. We can’t be sitting here pointing fingers at anyone since we don’t know the truth.

      My opinion on this… if they would speak the truth about their friendship and stop making BS..excuses of why the Lom gang is missing someone. I’m sure there won’t be anymore question regarding their friendship. Their posting on IG make it so obvious that they are no longer friends. The only two people that is able hangout with out all party is Boy and Margie. if Mint is really a horrible friend, Margie and Boy would distances themselves from Mint already like the others. But obviously they still hangout.

    • Cheris says:

      So bullying your friend is ok? I can’t believe how naive people are, she should not have outed him for his verbal abuse to her? That’s what a good trustworthy friend should do? Come on! Bullying is NOT ok and should not be hidden just to preserve his image.

    • :) says:

      I don’t agree,
      No body talks about my Mama!!!!!!
      If I was in Mint shoes, I’ll put Mark on blast like the shit that he is. Let the WORLD see him for who he really is. If people won’t offer him anymore job then that his LOST b/c he put himself in that situation. We may not know the full story but with that leak of the conversation between the two.
      No one should EVER say that about anyone MAMA !!!

      I don’t even watch their Lakorn but the one on one text or what ever it is that was leak was VERY disturbing to me.

      So what I’m talking about is just about that conversation that was leak, as for anything else.. Live life or why ever .. I don’t give a CRAP.

      • whitelily says:

        I agree, if my friend says that about my mom I would do the same! No one has the right to disrespect anyone mom. True friends wouldn’t do that and if they did, they would immediately go straight to the friend mom and apologize in person. In mark case he waited for the convo to leak out and also made excuse of not having contact number.. come on they been friend for many years, not have contact info is a lame excuse!!!

        But anyway that’s issues is done and their friendship is done….. so bottom line speak the truth so the media will stop asking. Unless they want to milk this Issue and use as advantage to gain more viewers they will never speak the truth.

    • Lin says:

      I totally agree with you Dakota, friendship or lover-ship, whatever situation, private message(pm) would never released.

  10. IRakLakorn says:

    After reading the articles about their gang, I got disappointed. Before, I really like all of them that I think of them as the perfect daras. But now, I can’t start a lakorn with them as a lead actor and actress. Even though I’m not sure about the whole thing, I’m still disappointed that I gave too much expectation to them.

    What I’m doing now is thinking that there’s no news like these and that. That they are still the same. But after reading this, it is like the issue will never end.

    I really like NY but I only watch their lakorn such as 4HHKK and Rising Sun and I can’t force myself to watch their single lakorn specially now that I know there’s a problem. I also like BM, and the fact that they still count Mint as a friend makes them more awesome. Lastly I got disappointed to what Mark said. But still want him with Mint. Eventhough almost everyone like him for Kim I still think that he fits Mint more than Kim. Mint is awesome. She can fit whoever her partner is. Her face can give a good chemistry for her and her partner.

    • Lin says:

      First, I watch cubic, I feel I like that girl, I didn know she is mint! After I spent all my vacation on IG, I know mark and Kim! Then I started to find all info related to mk! What make me suprice is cubic girl was pairing with mark before Kim, but when I read almost all comments and news, my feeling push me aways from cubic girl(mint) antomatically. I went to Wikipedia to see mint’s bio, I saw some Lakhon she played. But I didn want even read what’s each Lakhon about? And no any feel or be patient to watch. I confess I spent lot of time just find out the real life’s drama of them, if my master is not going to complete well, it’s also part of their involve hehehehehe! But believe me Mint is make mot much people but more of them disappointed with her. Of cause she is human, anger can be come along! But not screenshot private message to be public. On my point of view, if have MM, then MK, after that will be on going in another M…

  11. CeeCee says:

    Regarding this situation, it’s obvious that NY-MK are not friends with Mint anymore. On a side note it seems like Mario is distancing himself from them overall too. I noticed that now, Mint and Mario are hanging out more with the same crew that Chompoo runs with and even got invited to her wedding. Seems like Mint is trying to find herself and some real friends but in the meantime Davika is serving as sort of a gateway to the other (Chompoo’s) clique which I think would be good for her. Seems like that circle of friends is really wide and open. Margie and Boy are the only two being mature but that’s no surprise as they are also “older” than everyone else.

    Other than that I really have no opinion on this situation. Mint is doing well and Kim has Anne to fall back on (was most disappointed with Anne tbh…how old is she again?) and I hope everything works out for everyone but I think they still have a lot of growing up and learning to do.

    • IRakLakorn says:

      After I watched 4 Hua Jai, I wished Mario is part of it and part of their gang too. It is because Mario is the famous thai actor here in the Philippines.

      But after I found out the problem they have, the thing Mark said and Kim lying about the follow issue, I’m glad Mario is not a part of them. It seems like they compete each other eventhough they are friends.

      As for YaDech, it’s like they can forget their friends who’s in need. I really like them but I feel disappointed.

      At some point, I wish I had never know this thing. But can’t help. Once you became a fan you will do anything to know them as much as a close friend.

      • Chan says:

        You can’t judge what you really don’t know. Can’t believe everything you hear. I love NY and MK to the fullest and once a fan, always a fan. Harsh news will never make me dislike them because if we are not them then we don’t know the whole entire truth. I’m a loyal fan. Simple as that! Love you Nadech <3 Yaya and Mark <3 Kim!

        • IRakLakorn says:

          Sometimes, action speaks louder than words. So even if they say they are the same and OK but their action makes it obvious that there’s a problem you will see what’s true and what’s not.

          I still like them but not as much as I first watched them. For me it’s wrong to tolerate the bad things they are doing. Even if you don’t know the whole story, their actions will give you a hint of their real self.

        • Laila says:

          Chan, if you’re saying that we can’t judge them base on what we read or see then why are you allow to judge them as innocent, nice people just solely base on what you read or see? They’re human beings like us. They can be nice, yes, but they are also bad in their own way. Just because they’re celebrities doesn’t make them any different from us. Any person who dare speaks ill of my mother or anyone I love will not be tolerated. I dont understand how people can still worship these celebrities and condone the terrible, ill actions and words they commit. I guess I will never really understand them. If any of my favorite daras did anything wrong, I would never let them go that easily. Wrong is wrong. Don’t waste your time worshipping celebrities that would never notice you or benefit you and your personal life. It’s not worth it.
          And like iruklakorn said, sometimes actions do speak louder than words and that is exactly what they’re showing, that they’re no longer friends. Obviously the beef between them all were true.

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