Vill says she unfollowed Tono on twitter first

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  1. Lalita says:

    lol now I know why so many anti her, she sounds so rude in this interview

  2. Sunyah says:

    Wow Vill seem rude in this interview of her. Her other interviews in the past she wasn’t this rude. In Tono interview he didn’t said anything bad about her or thing like this in his interview of her. lol…. Anyway I’m just happy that Vill and Tono is not a couple. I don’t think I can see them as a couple. Tono can do better than Vill. lol

  3. Mai says:

    She sounds like a loser in this interview lol.

    Thanks Shamp

  4. Tipstar says:

    This tit-for-tat thing on Twitter sounds so immature from both sides, though Vill sounds quite harsh here. Tsk tsk.

    Thanks for the article!

  5. honda says:

    She sounds so immature in this interview. There’s no need for her to say she infollowed Tono before he unfollowed her. Can we be any more childish. People who play pull the defensive card right off the bat are usually at fault and is trying to deflect it else where.

  6. liv says:

    so if she’s not paying attention and wasn’t even aware that he unfollowed her, how did she know that she unfollowed him first?

  7. Smilee says:

    when did she become this arrogant

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