Waste of time, Mai Davika doesn’t take it to heart Guzjung calling her dumb

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  1. px says:

    Obviously Guzjung hates transgenders

  2. Applefish says:

    Happy to see that Mai is not fully absorbed by the immature comments! Love Klao’s comment… “I always teach her not to care!” Take what is good and leave what is bad behind! They can’t blame Mai for being near their ex-bfs at those bad moments of their relationships; she had to work! Dome is probably too mature for Guzjung anyways! It was best that they end it! Right now, Mario is on the roll in the stardom life; maybe it was for the best to break up with his ex and be friends. He’s always on-the-go right now! If she truly love him, she will understand and support his decisions!

  3. BeaTwo says:

    How many chatlines have been leaked by now? Will these celebrities never learn?!

  4. Laila says:

    Guz is going to hold a press conference just for this? Talk about hunger for fame. This is so ridiculous that a press con. is not even necessary. I’m sure she doesn’t feel bad enough to want to do a press con. She may just lie through her teethes.

    I like Klao and Mai’s answer too. 🙂

  5. Berry says:

    Actually really proud of Mai for how she answered. That guzjun asked for it though. She is not fit for Thai ET. What a pea brain.

  6. MISST says:

    that fake n ugly girl is just a hater…her face is like a layers of cake…she et too much make up.

  7. Lovely girl says:

    Now I know why dome broke up with guzjung , because she alway have a bad mind in her Brian and bad word in her mouth. If I was a boy, I also don’t like the girl like this.

  8. Yui says:

    i dunno about this quzjung.. but i wonder how come this private chat leaked out? it was between her and her friend.. i doubt if she did it on purpose or her friend was really a ‘friend’ like she claimed, what kind of friend would betray you? well.. mai is smart enough to answer those questions.. she’s a pro now.. 🙂

  9. Emy says:

    Does Guzjung have a career, still???

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