What does Mint Chalida thinks? Yaya-Margie insinuate the breakup with Kim

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  1. angielee says:

    Thank you for clarifying it. So sad that this kind of rumor happened to good people. I guess it will never end. Love urassaya.

  2. Cim says:

    So tired of these news. No matter what, Mint’s answers will always be the same. What’s the point of asking over and over again? Best luck to my Mint.

  3. jenny says:

    I like she said it was certainly untrue for Margie but not for Yaya. Uhoh.. *speculating**..lol

  4. MSJKT says:

    Good answers. Just like what she said whatever makes her happy thats where she belong.

  5. Berry says:

    Oh Mint if you’re not annoyed I’m freakin ANNOYED for you. My goodness the thirst of trying to work this group up is getting really old. Friends come and go. You might not even have met your bestest friend yet! I really love how Mint keeps its simple too and doesn’t sugar coat. She have not spoke to yaya. That explains a lot already. Please Thai media I beg you to leave these girls alone! Lol

    • official.chalidafan says:

      She is not thirsty, she is ok and fine on her own strongly without fake friends to hang her down, but her being on her own had question the people that why the situation arise again. It the people who want to know. It not mint fault. Mint just have to say what right on her mind, during an interview. It something that she dont even care no more but she just have to tell the truth of everything so it can end. Why would she need fake friends to be with just to become famous wheb your not even happy with your surroundings.

      -Team Mint.

  6. zella says:

    As a fan of the whole girl group, I just cant believe yaya would be like that. It really mess up Yaya. I’m not hating but atleast do the good things. Have yaya ever been in mint chalida perspective. Does she even know that growing up with fake friends sucks. My story is similar so I can feel mint chalida situation. Im very embarrassed in yaya and margie. Also I feel bad how kimberly was always that fun star but than she act up with mark and rival against mint. It not fair mint is truly an innocent girl who just want real friend like everyone else, i feel her.

    -team Mint.

    • Maii says:

      The people who really knows her all turned their back on her. We don’t even the truth to everything

      • Linda C says:

        Maii, is right! All the people that supposedly were her friends turned their backs because their must be something odd about her! She’s always seemed a little annoying. Team YAYA!

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