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What does Mint Chalida thinks? Yaya-Margie insinuate the breakup with Kim


Even though this has been long gone, recently there is gossip that “Margie Rasri” team up with “Yaya Urassaya”, who is secretly the culprit instigating the war between “Mint Chalida” and “Kim Kimberley”.


Upon seeing Mint, we inquire the truth in which she hurriedly accept that none of this is true.  Everything is just rumor.  She also opens about going to “Mai Davika’s” birthday as she knows Mai for a long time now just don’t take pictures together.


You just recently went to Mai Davika’s birthday?

Yes.  It was fun.  It was a goddess theme.  It was kind of stressful since everyone’s outfit was extravagant.


How did you get to know Mai?

I’ve known her for a while now.  We’re always talking, but just that it seems we never post pictures.  We never took pictures together.


Is that why people are speculating how you become close to her?

Honestly, I am not that close to the point of being her best friend.  It’s just that we’re in the entertainment industry together.  This industry is quite small and we see each other often, that’s all.


Are you being scrutinize moving to Mai’s gang?

No, being like this without a gang is better (smile).  It’s more relax.  Whatever makes me happy is where I will be.  I can talk to anyone and live with everyone.


Did Mai invite you to switch channel?

You mean for me to go to another channel?  No.  My contract with Ch3 is still a long time from now.  I’m still with Ch3.


What about the friends from 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khong Kao?

I met with Margie the latest for a photoshoot together.


There is rumor floating that Yaya is insinuating the war with you and Kimberley.

This is certainly untrue because with her, we don’t really talk.  It’s not true about her insinuating, because this group don’t really see each other anyway.  There is no reason to instigate since we’re in the same channel.


In the news, it said Yaya can’t keep a secret.

I don’t think so.  Because, personally, I haven’t talk to Yaya for a while now.  I don’t have any secret to keep or tell her.


Is your relationship still the same?

We’re still good friend. The good feeling I have for her is still the same.


Margie is also linked to this too.

It is certainly untrue about Margie.  Margie is a person has a nice personality and is always cute to me.  I think these are just gossip that comes and goes.


Right now, you’re being attack for having many friends. 

Yes, I am always being focus when it relates to friends.



Are you annoy?

I’m not.  I am content in my own way.  I’m not serious.


So, in conclusion this gang isn’t as close as it use to be?

Well, we don’t get to see each other often our closeness is going to decrease.  I am older, my social circle is bigger as I get to meet more people.


But people has been scrutinizing that, that group go to places together but don’t invite you?

I haven’t seen them going anywhere.


Do you want to meet with them to kill all the news?

Its difficult right now as everyone is filming two lakorn.


But your relationship with them remains the same?

The same.  We’re still friends.


Translated Article

Source: Sanook | May 29, 2015


  1. Thank you for clarifying it. So sad that this kind of rumor happened to good people. I guess it will never end. Love urassaya.

  2. So tired of these news. No matter what, Mint’s answers will always be the same. What’s the point of asking over and over again? Best luck to my Mint.

  3. I like she said it was certainly untrue for Margie but not for Yaya. Uhoh.. *speculating**

    • She also sair certainly for yaya. Read carefully lol

  4. Good answers. Just like what she said whatever makes her happy thats where she belong.

  5. Oh Mint if you’re not annoyed I’m freakin ANNOYED for you. My goodness the thirst of trying to work this group up is getting really old. Friends come and go. You might not even have met your bestest friend yet! I really love how Mint keeps its simple too and doesn’t sugar coat. She have not spoke to yaya. That explains a lot already. Please Thai media I beg you to leave these girls alone! Lol

    • She is not thirsty, she is ok and fine on her own strongly without fake friends to hang her down, but her being on her own had question the people that why the situation arise again. It the people who want to know. It not mint fault. Mint just have to say what right on her mind, during an interview. It something that she dont even care no more but she just have to tell the truth of everything so it can end. Why would she need fake friends to be with just to become famous wheb your not even happy with your surroundings.

      -Team Mint.

  6. As a fan of the whole girl group, I just cant believe yaya would be like that. It really mess up Yaya. I’m not hating but atleast do the good things. Have yaya ever been in mint chalida perspective. Does she even know that growing up with fake friends sucks. My story is similar so I can feel mint chalida situation. Im very embarrassed in yaya and margie. Also I feel bad how kimberly was always that fun star but than she act up with mark and rival against mint. It not fair mint is truly an innocent girl who just want real friend like everyone else, i feel her.

    -team Mint.

    • The people who really knows her all turned their back on her. We don’t even the truth to everything

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