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What is going on? Peter Corp’s wife begs him to come home

We don’t know if he’s busy with work or what for the “Peter Corp Dyrandal” family.  Recently, his wife just post a photo with her children and begs his return to home.


“Ploy Ploypan”, his wife posted a picture of her with her two sons, “Nong Panther” and “Nong Puma” with a message on her personal Instagram and mention to Peter’s instagram,


“Heyyy… all smile here!!!  This month, Pe’Kob is 1 year and 4 months while Nong Kai is 1 month and 17 days.  I’m so tired recently but I am so happy every time I hug these kids.  I want their Papa to come hug them like before. #pantherpumamissdaddy #doespapanotmissus #noonelovespapaasmuchasus #comebackplease #panthercorp #pumacorp.”


After posting the picture, a lot of people has express their support for Peter’s wife and ask what happen.


Translated Article

Source: Sanook | July 11, 2015


  1. I use the think Peter was handsome and a big crazy to get marry so soon to her. However, after seeing his last interview along with the way how he is acting, I feel bad for the babies and his wife. At the opening of his movie he claim that he is not unemployed and received lots of offer for lakorn, 4-5 of them but he’s busy. Sounds so full of himself.

  2. Never found the poor guy attractive. But im sure that he’s working and she post it up for fun… I mean…. When I go out to dinner with my family, and my brother couldn’t make it… I take a photo of all these delicious food and say ” wish u were here” .

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