What is this? Namfone’s new boyfriend is Pat Napapa’s ex?

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  1. :) says:

    Wow. She moves on quick too. I thought it will be a while for her to get back on a relationship but i guess not.

  2. Mai says:

    Namfon is a lot more scandalous then we thought. Thanks for the article Shamp

  3. Susy says:

    Namfon has reason not to waste time for a guy like Art Parsut,especially don’t do like Kaew Jarinya as if there only 1 man on EARTH!!! Sorry, for me Art is not at all a perfect man,he often cheat at Namfom when they dated.In my eyes,Namfom is always a Kullasatree !!!She didn’t do anything wrong!

    • :/ says:

      Not sure if serious about her “not doing anything wrong”… She had sex with another guy (who had a girlfriend) whilst in a relationship with Art.

      • Susy says:

        I am sure , i believe 100% at Namfon;you can go to listen well to the clip audio when the girl (who pretend to be Mr.Fisrt ‘s girlfriend) call two time to Namfon.I think Namfon spoke too nicely to her, if it were me, I already hang up since long time ago.The worst from worse is that First didn’t admit at all to have a girlfriend that time! PFFfff

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