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What will Mint Chalida say? Rumor has it Kimberley doesn’t want to work with her

It’s not ending yet… about the big feud between former gang friend between “Mint Chalida” and “Kim Kimberley”.  It looks like things are getting better but recently there is abuzz gossip that Kim doesn’t want to accept anything that contacts her to work with the 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khon Kao gang with reason that Mint’s name is in there.

mint chalida

We have a chance to see Mint at wedding fashion show “WE ARE IN LOVE” and ask her about this issue.  Did she know about this already and was there really a contact for them?  She admits that someone did contact for a while now and the reason no one accepts is probably due to schedule availability.  It is probably not due to the reason they can’t face each other yet.  She also close the interview with that she doesn’t have any doubt in her heart anymore.  She is willing to work and come back to be the old gang.

Recently, there is a contact for the 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Kao to work together but Kimberley rejected to work with you? 

I think it’s due to each individual’s being unavailable.  Personally, we can work together.

Did someone really contact you? 

Honestly, there is magazine photoshoots, variety shows and events that continually contact us.

What is the reason why you guys haven’t work together? 

Probably because they can’t get this person’s queue, another person’s queue and so on.  Something like that.

Have you ever thought that the other party decline because your name is listed there? 

I don’t want to interpret it that way, because we don’t know the real reason behind it.

Have you been talking to Kimberley now? 

We haven’t talk because we’re both working.

Do you regret it?  Sometimes work can help get your friendship back together. 

Honestly, there will be an opportunity.  There are the channel’s events.  We’ll have a chance to see each other.

It looks like this even emphasize the news that you don’t get along? 

I think no matter what, we are friends.  Even if we argued or something like that, we will come back to be good to each other.

Is your friendship with Kimberley the same now or is there still an inkling in your heart? 

Personally, I don’t have any.

But you haven’t talk to each other? 

Just like with others, I haven’t talk to them.  It’s because we’re all working on our work.

Will there be a chance for Gang Lom to be the same?

I think there is because I don’t have anything lingering in my heart.  I can work off and onscreen together with them.  I can still eat with them as usual.

People think your gang is change.

Usually, this kind of stuff is there.  If we get to work together once again, there will be.

Are you afraid your friendship will just disappear? 

We are working in the same industry and channel… we will be able to work together one day.

Do you think the concert Very very handsome will be a chance for the gang to be together? 

I haven’t heard anyone contacting me for it.  I think that’s only for the men.

Has your friend in the group contact you? 

No one has been talking about this.  We’re still talking and having fun as usual.

There is no one being kao jai (someone that glue them together) for everyone to work together, right? 

Kao jai (glue) is probably not available too because everyone is working (laugh).

Do you personally want to invite everyone together? 

I think it would be good.

It looks like you guys are divided and taking side? 

We’re not divided.

Has there been any other celebrity friend asking about your gang? 

No, because they already know.

The year is coming to an end, what is your plan with friends? 

We’ve talk.  I plan with Margie to go out of the country.  We’ll have to see our event schedules though.

Will you invite Mark and Kim? 

I heard they’re planning their own trip already.  We’re going in a small group with Margie, Pe’Ice and etc.  We’re looking to go to LA.


Translated Article

Source: Sanook | October 11, 2014


  1. tbh, you can sense that there’s something between these two, and they’re not as close as before anymore. Kim and Mark are in their own world right now, i think it will never be the same anymore even if they got their close friendship back. It’s kinda sad to see this since I’m a fan of the “gang.” :(

  2. I think mark and Kim are dating

  3. Kim is a total b**** for choosing a no manners guy over friendship. I don’t even know if I still like her or not.

    • how can u judge someone that has ‘no manners’ when you don’t know the person, is one incident a complete and accurate reflection of someone? we all have good and bad sides.
      Mint and Kim will never be the same again, but life goes on and there are new friends to be made. Mint and Kim are loyal to the ones they love. Nothing wrong with that..just the way life is, doesn’t make Kim a b**** its makes her a human being!

    • then just don’t like her i don’t think kim will need people like you who use vulgar words on her to like her

    • you dont know them in person how could you say these words to them?? I love Kimmy and i support her choice. Mark is the apple in Kimmy’s eyes so i believe he cant be a “no manners guy” like you said. There must be a reason why Kim loves him that much!

    • True.. she need to grow the f**k up..

  4. I don’t really hope that Mint will be back with Kim.But if her get back together it will be good too…..

  5. it’s a no surprise for me they can’t be friend like they used to, this “gang” is already had a crash it’s never gonna be the same it was obvious when the event of mark and mint happened ,anyway i never sensed the strong friendship between kim and mint she’s more close to yaya and margie than her for me i think this way is better they don’t need to be friends again and it’s normal if kim had to be side with someone in the eyes of people it will be mark he’s more important to her and have more presence in her life than mint it’s clear i think, so good luck for mint and kim life goes on

  6. Kim is a transgender if i were Mint i wouldnt want to be friend with big ass nose kim either..LOL

    • I completely absolutely agree with u.

  7. Love kimmy. I also love mint. If they are back to be fri again I will support them.
    But I also want Kim & mark to be lover.

  8. I love Kim but i like Mint too. Since Mint and Mark’s friendship crashed Kim must choose one side to be on and it’s obviously she’s with Mark. Who’s wrong who’s right we’ll never know. but I think Kim dont wanna work with Mint cause she cares about Mark’s feeling. But time can heal it all. Just wait and see!

    • I don’t think Kim even needs to choose sides when the problem was between Mint and Mark. People who chooses a guy over a friendship is a no-no. She could of try to work it out. If Kim still wanted to be friends with Mint without choosing sides, Mark should of been more respectful of her decision then. I’ve seen girls choose a guy over their friendship and it doesn’t always end up pretty after awhile.
      Regardless, I think Mint is (doing) fine on her own.

      • Yes maybe you’re right! But I heard rumour said that Kimmy even unfollowed Mint before Mint and Mark’s problem came out. So i think Kim and Mint have their own problem. Until Mark and Mint crashed, it’s so easy for her to choose to be on Mark’s side. Because i dont know what happened among them, i choose not to think bad on anyone!

        • Everyone knows that once Mark and Mint’s scandal arised, Kim wasn’t following Mint anymore. However, close sources to Kim revealed that she’d already unfollowed Mint months prior to the scandal happening. Therefore, Kim and Mint had to have had their own problems beforehand. I don’t take it that Kim is siding with Mark or that “she chose a guy over a friend”. If anything, her and Mint were already on bad terms. Plus, we don’t know the true actions and intentions of Mint either. There have been speculations that Mint and her mother insulted Kim for being promoted as a koo jin with Mark, and that they were angry that Mark and Kim were receiving a commercial together instead of Mark and Mint. There’s really just too much the public and us as fans don’t know about the whole story, so I’d rather not choose a side and say one is bad and the other is the victim. Many of us were upset when we thought the Lom gang were picking sides; yet, we as fans are doing that ourselves. If Boy, Margie and Yadech don’t know the truth and are closer to Mark, Mint and Kim then we as the public know even less of what really happened and is going on. It’s unfortunate for everyone involved that things turned out like this. So good luck to both Mint and Kim. Mint has always been just fine on her own and if the day ever comes that Kim and Mark are no longer a pair, Kim has enough talent, looks and popularity to succeed on her own as well. She’s been doing very well in all of her other lakorns not involving Mark.

          • @Anonymous: cant agree with you more! Very well said!

          • U r so wrong. U said Kim has talent, looks and popularity. I don’t think so, she got this by dating the producer’s son. Not by her hard work. At least other actresses achieved all this by their hard work.

  9. Chalida is a lovely person. I’m sure she have her own group amazing friends. I mean, many of the elders and actors in the entertainment adore her too. And someone has totally been brainwashed… LOL. Came out of nowhere, but is relevant.

    • I agree. She seems to be closer with a different set of people anyways. Kim unfollowed her long before the Mark situation. I felt her post on IG wishing Mint a Happy Birthday was just to ward off obvious rumors of her dislike/discord with Mint. Talent wise Kim is a better actress but it seems personality wise Mint has always been talked highly of. Mint seems a bit more mature for her age so you often see that she’s closer with older people like Grate, Pope, Matt, Aff, and etc. As for Mark… he’s always been rumored to be hot headed. They seemed still close during Nuer Mek judging from bts how they were still playful and touchy feely with one another. I feel like it most likely did fall to his manager whispering words because of how things went down. The gang clearly won’t be back to normal or back on sCreen since it’d be too awkward and forced. if they were to do projects together it should’ve been down way earlier before everyone branced out so far into their own projects and etc.

      • Both Mint AND Kim are adored by a lot of their celebrity colleagues. Only people outside of the industry–FANS–view Kim as a dislikable person. I’m sure that if Anne, Yaya and many others love Kim, she is not the bad person the media and certain people like to portray her as.

  10. To be honest, I respect that they just stopped being friends, but yet they don’t bash each other(publicly). Friends and acquaintances have fall outs and they are a perfect example of it. No use of watering a dead plant.

  11. as for me i won’t take side… instead i’ll find a way for my boyfriend and best friend to reconcile… because i love them both…

  12. hahahaaaa……. you guys make me luagh so hard. this remind me in high school. i dont want to judge anybody but for myself i will never choose a guy over my friend, especially when he palyed both friends, peroid no matter what. let action show who is bad and good………………… yaya

  13. I don’t understand why ppl think Kim is so good and talented or what so ever. Appearance wise, she is ugly, old and looks like a he. Sorry to be rude. Whereas Mint and the rest looks pretty. From what I have read about her, she is a two face like the jealous b**** in lakorns. Stirring up trouble and let other solve the troubles.
    Every time, I see her I will ask myself is that male or female. Sorry if it’s rude. But she does not deserve to be respected if she does not respect others.

    • Lol i love all these Kim haters. I just know that the closest people between her and Mint seems to like Kim more. Idk why, but i guess we’ll never know.

      • LOL. I am glad that Mint is not lingering around disloyal people too 😀

  14. fightinggg p’minttt :)

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