Who Wore it Better? Chompoo Araya Edition

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  1. ash30 says:

    In most of it araya wore it better. Just like her clothes, she comes off as innocent, sexy and sophisticated.

  2. Teda says:

    Chompoo hands down! She looks natural and slimming in each dresses. So far from what I have seen of her, she makes any type of clothing look good!

  3. Mai says:

    The Stretis and Stella McCartney is not the same dress

    Jennifer wore the black dress better cause Jennifer has nice smooth toned legs

  4. Lala says:

    Chompoo definitely wore it better. All the women had their own great style to it, but I would have to say the choice of accessories and style Chompoo chose to go with it compliment the clothing more than the other women.

  5. UrWorstNightMare says:

    The other one. LMAO. Chompoo’s body is too scrawny.

  6. thaifan says:

    I like the short black dress.

  7. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    WOW way to go Chompoo, she looks AMAZING in everything she wears!!

  8. She rocked the 2 dresses the Prada and Carven however, most of the clothes are all ill fitted on her. She’s too skinny and she did not do any justice with the remaining clothes. However, she’s pretty.

  9. E says:

    The prada one just look weird. i don’t really see it being who is better but why even make it

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