Whoa! Fortune tellers predict Yaya Urassaya destined get raped!

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  1. Shampoo says:

    She’s so weird. She already accepted the movie and the movie production send her off for acting class but channel 3 hasn’t approved of it yet? She doesn’t even know role she’s playing.

  2. :) says:

    WTH is this!!! that is so “F” up to predict someone future.

  3. Berry says:

    Wow I hope she don’t even come close to situations like that. I’d hire a bodyguard just in case. European and Thai collaboration huh? I’m curious because will this be like a non ab baew Yaya we’ll be seeing? Interesting. I wish her the best luck.

  4. ocm says:

    To “predict” someones fortune that way.,.serious??? Dumbass. As for her movie, of course she has to be mum about it, duh.

  5. ^^ says:

    I think the last part is a bit wrong, I went to listen to her interview and it says :

    ”I don’t know her personally but me since entering the business I’ve encountered criticism constantly. I don’t know the people who criticize me whose fanclub they belong to or where they came from. I don’t want her to focus on that issue much, cause she will never be happy if she focus on that issue.. And then Yaya ended her interview by saying ” Not everyone can love us”

    Anyway, thank u so much mai for taking your time to translate this, and I appreciate all of your girls hard works ^^ Khop khun mak mak ka sugar-daily girls

    • Mai says:

      Thank you for the suggestion na. I also went and re-read the interview and watched it too. Yaya was generalizing. No where in there did she refer to Pat, as Nong or kao. She said mai yark hai maa saai jai… But you could also be correct in that she might be suggesting it for Pat. Personally it’s up to interpretation, you think it’s meant for Pat, I think Yaya meant it towards herself. The thai language sometimes when they’re referring to themselves they usually dont add…chan or yaya…yaya yark bhai shopping..it’s usually yark bhai shopping.

      So I went back and generalize the statement lol. Not using me or her, but generalizing…that way we’re both right lol

    • Shampoo says:

      She never mention Pat nor even say “Kao” in that particular part. Mai roo Jak bpen Kan suan tua. Mai yah hai ow Ma Sai Jai. All these she’s referring to herself not to care about these news so much. You can interpret that she’s referring to Pat but in Thais she wasn’t.

  6. ^^ says:

    thank u girls for answering me 🙂
    and like u said mai I guess we both were right then haha 🙂

  7. cindy says:

    How can the median can ask the question like that? He must be kick off
    Pat, she is still a little girl.

  8. thatsouthernasianchick says:

    Goodness! Unless someone pays a fortune teller to predict their freakin’ fortune, these “fortune tellers” shouldn’t go around predicting people’s “futures” and publicly releasing the information. I highly doubt that Yaya paid any of these “fortune tellers” to predict her fortune! Why can’t these so-called “fortune tellers” leave people alone?! Leave celebrities alone! Give them their privacy, for goodness’ sake! They are human too! Yaya don’t need anyone to predict her future, notating that she will be raped.

  9. See says:

    She’s referring to Patricia in that last comment.


    Cr. LookPeeLookNong2

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