Why Nadech and Yaya still getting paired for dramas?

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  1. kaveh yousefzadeh says:

    my dearest ya ya is so cute and nice.i hope she has long happy healthy lifetime.i love her so much as well

  2. kaveh yousefzadeh says:

    So urgent multifarious surrealism-kind message!
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    By the way, is my future first wife comes from kashan city or not?
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    Seven adventure of rustam or passing from mine field or participate in a so hellish and troublemaking and war-like football match till so called doomsday?
    Hong Kong tea ceremony as source of long term disasters or bliss, even from before of Iran revolution epoch or not?
    Please adopt a method that my marriage ok verity and or untruth be proved at once and report us subsequently at once.
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    2-she rouges and dresses up her so much!
    3-she contacts me directly and separately and individually at our current apartment unit right away!
    4-she is obligated to apologize me extremely at the outset. Her family members and fans and relatives must apologize me extremely subsequently too. And all of them must be obeyed me forever from their bottom of heart as well.
    5-she must adopt a method and policy that I feel euphoric everlasting!
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    I hope that my so unfortunate and disaster-hit and electuary-stricken brother can marry after me at most. He must have married from 35 years ago by all means as his unique alchemy-kind so strong remedy. But unfortunately, satanic forces haven’t let him in practice ever since! It seems as if he has been as an alive sacrifice from more than 35 years ago, unhappily too!
    Thanks a lot
    Kaveh yousefzadeh
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