Will it end? James Ma repeats that he’s not gay and didn’t get plastic surgery

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  1. veebabie says:

    thanks Mai,the pics you used are cute.

    it seems almost everyone at p’ae camp has done something at their face,he must have discount card in korea lol

  2. asdtk says:

    If anything,I think he just got his eyes done a bit, and to be really technical…that won’t be plastic surgery. Haha…more like an eye lift..hahaha

    But I love James Ma…I think he did wonderfully for his first lakorn and that the news can’t help but love to put out this hate articles on him.
    I’m glad that he’s standing his ground and staying calm about it all.

    Now if only Ae will not let these negative news be what holds him back from future projects…let out good publicity and try to cancel out the bad ones.

  3. niya says:

    I think whoever actor or actress has done surgery that (dare) to admit if he or she did it before seems not to have news so much and continuous like that. Take Mew Nittha (who plays as Than Ying Wanrasa in Khun Chai Pawornruj) as an example then, she once admits that she has done her eyes before she took role as Than Ying Wanrasa…. We can see right? that the news ended so soon after once the news (about her) broke out and she admits it… Another thing, let us see Mai Davika, there are news that still coming out continuously about her that she has done surgery because the fact is Mai always denies it….. So to say, if they admit it, the news ends faster…. The more they deny it, the more the news (keep) come out…..

    • Mai says:

      I think you’re absolutely right.

      But most celebs will deny they had stuff done, so I dont really find fault in that. It’s a trend to do that.

      I do give a big thumps up to those that dare admit to it though.

      • niya says:

        I AGREE with you…. I wonder why they don’t dare to admit it though…. There’s nothing wrong with admitting it…. But, I think perhaps they just don’t want to admit it because they maybe want to keep (being) on the news….???
        By the way, probably not only a big thumbs up, but also four thumbs (thumbs from hands and foots) up for those who dare to admit it…. 555

    • Kashie says:

      Yes! Everyone makes it such a bit deal. But when someone admits to it right off the back. Nothing big comes out of it. I applaud Mew for admitting it right away.

  4. alwaizemeeh says:

    If James Ma was to get plastic surgery trust me he’s not going to keep his eyes that way. I don’t think he did any plastic surgery….. To me he’s not to die for handsome like Nadech.. but he’s damn right hot.. something about him and his face.. Not overly handsome but still very eccentrically attractive.

  5. Kashie says:

    I honestly feel bad for James Ma. He’s continuously been surrounded by bad news. Especially the news that he’s stuck up/arrogant. I dont know if he really is or people are confusing his shyness for arrogance. Watching BTS clips & the Ch3 Superstar Series I see that out of the 5 guys he’s the one who is the most shy & seem he has the least self-confidence. He doesn’t talk as much & keep to himself more than the others. And at time it does make him seem unfriendly/unapproachable. Good luck to him in the future.

  6. lilian says:

    I think comparing everyone to James Jirayu news is getting annoying here…

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