Yaya pluerm Mike defends her; denies sharing room with Nadecn in Japan

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  1. Sunflower90 says:

    Really dislike trolls who like to start up drama. Yaya be YOU! Don’t allow people opinions to bother you. Stay strong.

  2. Cali girl says:

    I still don’t understand WHY this is such a big deal still. Susu YAYA.

  3. loveNY says:

    Susu ja yaya!! 🙂

  4. See says:

    Regarding the IG matter, it was a small deal being blown out of propotion. Every celeb gets bashed all the time. This is onlymaking news because Yaya is popular but rarely has scandals and her fans are dramatic by turning it into something more LOL rolls eyes

  5. Mike says:

    She has the most beautiful smile because she does it with her eyes not her mouth.

  6. LC says:

    Just ignores bad Rumor News pretty sweet face Yaya su su na NY fan.

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