Yaya repeats Nadech only a brother; Attacked on IG

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  1. Kwan says:

    Yayy! Confirmation! 😀 Hehe.
    Anyways, Finally! Somebody who thinks they’re no longer young even at the age of 20! lol Since so many claim to be tooo young when they’re like 25+. Haha!
    Anyways, I love Yaya and her answers. Hopefully it works out later in the future. 😉 lol

  2. yadechlovers! says:

    Love yaya’s answer!!! 🙂

  3. lis94 says:

    i love her answers!!! good answers very very good. no wonder we love her soooo much xD

  4. ashamb says:

    i can’t imagine there are people who hates her, she seems sweet & humble.

    • AmyT says:

      get a life… i don’t know why some people enjoy going around and bash others. i’m not either yaya’s fan or kim’s or even nadech’s but i do respect them and their work. the hating comments and drama stuffs are getting more and more annoying to me.

      • lazydramafan says:

        AmyT, as a yadech fan, Yaya and Nadech or Nadech and Yaya fan I would like to thank you for the respect you have for daras and for their works. I am sorry for those drama stuffs and hope you may enjoy all lakorns and daras works. About amy’s comment, well it is her feelings and she could have ignored an article about Yaya anyway. It is difficult to understand her need to comment or even read about Yaya, but in the end it is her free will. Good manners or respect can be teached, but if someone will learn and live by them and with them, it is another story. Thank you for your comment.

    • @ amy

      if you hate yaya that much why did you bother to comment on her article this makes yaya the winner and you the loser lol! will you please go to the toilet and flush yourself to the toilet bowl lol!

    • Sandy says:

      Leave your comment to yourself

    • Ri Lee Nu says:

      I hate her too! And just because people say they hate her, you “loyal” fans are going crazy mad. If a person hate someone, you can’t change them to like that person. Plus, everyone have the rights to express what they want.

  5. lovely yadech says:

    love yaya very much…even they hate you yaya..there are more people love you…dont worry..

  6. yaya’s haters are jealous cause they want nadech for themselves or for their idol who has no chemistry with nadech. please dont mess with yaya it’s not her fault to be beautiful to be perfect for nadech…as long as YADECH is income generating tandem no matter how you bash her,yaya is still the winner.YAYA fighting!!!!! the ones who hate you are just 2% of YADECH SHIPPERS WORLDWIDE bitter people are losers lol!

  7. YadechinLOVE says:

    Love your comment !!!!

  8. lazydramafan says:

    It seems Yaya’s thoughts and opinions did not reach some fans even after reading her answers on this interview. While Yaya is trying to think in a neutral way, because she can’t make everyone like her, some fans keep using fights terms for this situation. I can understand and respect your feelings and protective attitude towards Yaya, but I am one of those probably several people that don’t like what is going on and hopes that fights between Nadech and Yaya individual fanclubs may not happen. If some Nadech fans don’t like Yaya and she is trying to keep a positive attitude as she did until now about everything, I think that deserves a positive support as well, but that is just my humble opinion. As part of the group that love Yaya and Nadech, I will politely ask you Tsunamiyadechadikforever and YadechinLOVE, please help to support Yadech and their works in a positive way. Yaya and Nadech are both equal parts of Yadech for me and Yaya’s interview has quite some peace messages on her words. Everytime I read an interview like that from Yaya, I think she knows how deeply her fans love her, because she can stand strong and positive in situations like that. If Yaya is smiling for us her fans too see, I will try not pay attention in other things and focus on supporting her to continue smiling, because to see Yaya happy is a happy thing for me too. Hope it is for her other fans too. As far as Nadech is concern, just hope some of his individual fans may find a better way to support him and respect his decisions about his works. And do hope that Nadech individual fans that don’t have nothing to do with all this may be enjoying RP and supporting Nadech in a positive way for all his works, liking his co-stars or not, but respecting them as professional doing their work.
    Some people called themselves yadech shippers and not even one comment about Yaya calling Nadech like a possible future best friend lol, even after Yadech Lay’s Trip to USA and their fans request song Lucky. lol
    Thank you Mai for your translation.
    Yaya’s answers were all really good. Su su Yaya! 🙂
    PS.It is good to read positive comments, thanks Kwan, yadechlovers, lis94 and ashamb. 🙂

  9. Lesley says:

    @Lazydramafan: I really appreciate your kind words toward both fans and haters about Yadech. Although I’m not their fan but I very much value their close relationship, talent and personality individually as well. It’s rare and also great to see such a beautiful, very supportive relationship between famous daras, like Nadech and Yaya in the complicated ET world.

    I respect them and so it kinda annoys me when some so-called ‘individual fans’ start bashing even without a justified reason. Not to mention that some tend to go beyond the limit and make this fuss become more serious.

    Haha, I like how you point out near at the end of your comment about some Yadech shippers. In my opinion, fans are already used to it since they always deny about possibilities in the future or kinda deny their relationship in a way. lol From my experience of being a shipper (I favor Ken-Janie btw, but that’s just…lol, yet I still love them and all their work!), I believe as long as Nadech and Yaya remain being best friends and always support each other under any circumstances, that’s what should be more appreciative. 😀

    • lazydramafan says:

      Thank you Lesley for your kind words to me and to Yadech too. I understand you completely, because I am not a fan of many daras, but do respect all daras hard work in the complicated ET world.

      It is true, Lesley, Nadech and Yaya are not shippers dreams supporters lol, actually on their last interview they got back again to use never for any future relationship whatsoever beyon the word “pee-nong” (siblings). lol I believe that too and agree with you, Lesley. I am not a serious Yadech shipper and do value their relationship as it is now, also both of them seem happy about it too. 🙂 I am a fan of their works first and the rest is just for more fun actually sometimes. I did not even know what being a shipper meant until last year lol, so my experience and knowledge are limit about that, but I respect serious shippers. For me some serious shippers know more than some thai reporters about informations, sources and research sometimes. 🙂 I became a Yadech fan because of Nadech and Yaya works in lakorns together, so the fact that they support each other it is more than enough for me and very appreciated too. 🙂

      About Ken-Janie…no need to say nothing more dear….lol… well they both were really beautiful together on Ch. 3 calendar for 2013. 🙂

      The end of possible shippers dreams won’t end my feelings and love as a fan for Nadech and Yaya, also I do know some other yadechers that think and feel the same way. 🙂

  10. @YadechinLOVE

    thanks for the compliment actually i’m not a thai i’m a filipina who loves YADECH so much i’m a fighter to any bashers i dont even care how many times i was being banned in our countries’forum just to speak my mind hahaha i end up with multiple usernames just to retaliate lol!.i’m sad some biiter fans are hating yaya unreasonably.

    to yaya please ignore your haters just count your blessings being the hottest celebrity.

    • LC says:

      Yes, Yaya can find a good guy better than Nadech. Nadech is good guy is good guy too. Nadech is handsome,smart, rice,famous,honest, sweet,take good care,an (A) list star especially respect elders people. That’s good right their. Who know? in the future he will be good director.Is’s hard to fine a guy like that.

  11. SS says:

    they express clearly That they are only sibling, or friend, why have people still force them to be lover. You are not tired about this. love can not force. U never think that yaya can find a good person than nadech ?

    • @SS

      who is forcing yarry to be lovers? yeah you’re right love can not be forced and that’s yarry lol! we respect their decision to keep it private but if they are not really dating in real life so what.what the yarry fans are really after are their constant pairing in all of their projects.if they are being paired with another artist it’s ok it’s for their own growth as an artist.peace

  12. A Por Por says:

    I like her answer……I do love p’yaya…..anyway i really want to see p’yaya with p’nadech going to be a real couple!!!Hopefulness i will see u both love each other
    ….Always like support u both….I do love P’nadech & P’yaya^_^

  13. litseemarie says:

    I’m a Yaya and Nadech fan… very well said Yaya you can’t please everyone.. but you know good thing is many fans are supporting you and loving you both.. so about the basher it’s good that you just let them be.. Bless you both I wish you and Nadech make lots of lakorn in the future.. and we as your fans wish that the Chemistry on screen can really develop in real life… you both look so good together❤️

  14. kk says:

    I don’t understand how one hates yaya. Shes super sweet and cute

  15. Ri Lee Nu says:

    I honestly don’t like Yaya. I believe she is so fake. When she talks, it sounds like she is faking her voice and her facial expressions. I used to like Kim Voltemos too, but seeing her now, it makes me sad that she is very similar to Yaya.

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