Yaya Urassaya challenges any man that have guts, to come pursue her

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  1. Shampoo says:

    Her message is, “I dare you, but you better not.” Plus, she evades the questioning of disclaiming herself as Nadech’s gf. The media dared her to. Tsk tsk

  2. SangSS says:

    Her interviews means she want to have a man who interest on her come to put CV now. Because , she with nadech is just friend and sis& brother relationship only.
    After this news public maybe have some guy to take out the brave to cheat her.

  3. Maii says:

    She is so pretty! Surprise no one is hitting on her so far 😮
    She kinda looks like Selena Gomez though

  4. teran says:

    She is so pretty. They are probably too intimidated by her beauty to try and talk to her. Or maybe, they could be feeling that she’s already dating Nedech?

  5. vidditrozz says:

    I’m a classmate of Yaya’s at Chula and I can honestly say that she puts so much time and energy into work and school, that she really doesn’t care about finding a guy right now. Probably for the best, too, because extra rumors and gossip would really waste her time and tire her out! 🙂

  6. LC says:

    If a guy handsome,smart,honest and respect especially you family than is ok. I think Nadech Kugimiya have all that and also he very sweet [ especially to Yaya] when they are together.Oh! forgot and take good care.

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