Yaya Urassaya clear allegations of insinuating war between Kim-Mint

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  1. _Bella1995 says:

    It does somewhat seem like Yaya prefer Kim than Mint … but I feel like the damage is done and everyone should move on. Mint seem to have new friends now and Kim seems to be happy with Mark. I think Kim was a bit overboard as well. She chose a boy rather than her friend who didn’t do anything wrong. Either way, I wish them all peace.

    • Maii says:

      Its sad that everyone just assumed Kim left Mint for Mark. Even Margie and Yaya who isn’t with Mark, walked out of Mint’s circle. I feel like that means we don’t know something.

  2. Honda says:

    A good friend would try to bring their friends back together, not sit on the sideline and watch their friends go at each other.

    • _Bella1995 says:

      totally agree. I feel like Yaya and Margie should have try to help them since it looks as if Mint already forgive Mark and Kim. I feel like is just Kim thats mad for some reason. I mean is Mark thats wrong, not Mint.

  3. Laila says:

    As a friend, you should try to be the mediator. Yeah, two people has a problem with one another but you’re their friend. They’re not strangers. They’re your friends, and as a friend to both you should try to help them and try your best to get them to talk it out. It’s obvious we know which side Yaya and the others chose. I’m not saying that Mint is innocent either, but as a friend like you claim at least try to do something. Whatever. I don’t think any of them are innocent to begin with. Anyways, this news will never end, so it’s best if they just get used to it. It’s going to stick with them for the rest of their lives.

  4. Ndependentlady says:

    Can we move on people lol this is so long gone who cares anymore! Things happen for a reason it’s apart of life! Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall into place! Friends come and goes that is also apart of life. people should be glad the bad ones left or defriended you it saves you the work of finding out who was ever truly there for you. true friends never bash each other or publicly publish your dirty laundry we fight, argue or cry laugh, smile as angry as you may get at times but it’s all behind closed doors because at the end of the day they are your true friends and you would never want to hurt them but the ones who publishes it first are usually the ones that aren’t entirely honest and truthful and who doesn’t want to look bad in the media’s eye so they do it first! And the ones who has to defend themselves are already looking bad in the media’s eye and their goes all the judgemental people doing what they do best judging and pointing fingers when they know nothing about the truth! If you know the truth then why don’t you go on media and tell it in their place lol

  5. what-ever says:

    Umm… For my part, this is WHAT I tell my FAMILY and BEST FRIENDS,if this matter does not involve you, DON’T try to be the “piece maker.” I’m not here to tell my family and friends to choose who’s side their on. I will NOT drag ANYONE in when it’s between me and someone else.

    I can see that perhaps Yaya is in maybe-some-what in between Kim and Mint but as u can see it yourself, Yaya seems to be with Kim and that is WRONG ! If Yaya is not on anyone side, show that your not on anyone side by hanging out with Mint as well.

    • what-ever says:

      Oops, I meant to say “Peace-maker”.

      Not “piece” Lol !!!

      Typing on an phone can really mess-up the writing, and sometime that auto correction can be wrong and send out mix messages. lol !!

    • _Bella1995 says:

      Totally agree. She should have hang out with Mint too. I love Mint and Yaya especially Yaya but I’m looking at her in a different light after this scandal. I feel like she was quick to choose side even though she keep saying she is not choosing anyone side.

      If she decided to choose side, I felt like she chose the bad one. I’m not hating on Kim but she decided to choose the guy instead of friendship. AND in this scandal the guy was wrong, not Mint.

      • Maii says:

        But Yaya and Margie both what actually happened and they still chose Kim, too. So what does that say? I’m not saying Mint isn’t innocent, I’m saying we don’t know what actually happened that led them to still be closer to Kim than Mint. I feel like in the text, Mint said something too, but it was never leaked what she said. And kim them could’ve leaked it like Mint

  6. It’s not her job to be a peacemaker. Although, I do agree, it seems like she is closer to Kim now, it’s fine. People grow a part.
    Mint is happy, and Kim is happy.
    I will only say one thing. I hope Mark continues to treat Kim well because as a girl, it seems like she was willing sideline a friendship for that guy which is fine.
    Mark has always had the playboy title attached to his name, and to be honest, I felt like he’s been linked with quite in the headline girls or at least linked to girls that wasn’t always positive.
    Wasn’t there a rumor back then that Mint N and Mint C were “supposedly” fighting or at odds because they both like Mark?
    Then Mark is pretty comfy with Mint offscreen which only further fueled rumors that they had chemistry. (TBH, I think they were always just good friends. I felt it was always more of Mint and Pupae who was always on the dl getting to know each other and finally now old enough to openly “date” more and accompany each other).
    Kim and Mint seemed close back then too, as the 4 girls were always celebrating birthdays and sleeping over together that if Mark and Mint even had the slightest bit going on, I think she’d be smart to not continue with it.
    I feel like just playing lovers onscreen multiple times really just helped the her fall for Mark…unless they’re just playing their pairing image up super hard.
    Before Kim, wasn’t there Vill who’s like one of the big and main actresses for Ch. 7? He was pretty cozy with her too, and from what I remember reading she seemed to really like him and kind of fell for him and seemed to kind of want to go pubic only to have been dropped like a bomb and in the dust.
    Not saying Mark’s a bad guy, but his “relationship” or his “girl” links hasn’t always been the nicest of news. Kim imo is really help clean up his playboy image alone with the negativity he brought on from his and Mint’s mom whole “childlike” he said she said.

    • Laila says:

      No, if you follow the news closely, specially this news since day one, Mint had never want to associate herself with Mark and his managers. It was more of Mark’s managers that forced Mark and Mint to go on dates and stuff like that. Mint was never that interested, since she was already talking to Pupae at that time. There was even one time where Mark’s managers disliked Mint, which is why Mteam was never heavily promoted compared to the other 4 Hua Jai couples. There were many people asking for Mteam to host events and stuff for them, but they were both forbidden to even be seen together because of Mark’s managers. As for Vill, she’s from OneHD, formerly known as Ch5. Mark and Vill were a thing but in secret. There were pictures of them getting comfortable with one another too. It soon ended when news of Mark and Kim’s line chat leaked while she was still dating Jett. Vill is never one to really talk about her private life, especially when it comes to her relationships. Mark also played a part in this too, so you can’t entirely say that it was only Vill who fell in love with him. As a girl, we can get easily swayed by a man, so it’s understandable if Vill was to start liking Mark at that time. And I don’t know about Kim cleaning up Mark’s “playboy” image or the negativity surrounding him (and her). It still exist, and it will stick with them for a long time. They’re still getting bashed by many people for how they got together too. The negativity surrounding them will not end any time soon.

    • _Bella1995 says:

      Yeah I was disappointed in Kim with that as well. She was quick to choose the guy over friendship. I am quite disappointed in Yaya and Margie too, especially Yaya even though I’m a big fan of hers. I felt like they worked harder to be Kim friend than Mint. They sort of casted Mint away from the group which is why they don’t hang out anymore.

      But I’m kind of glad they’re not friends anymore and that Mint is also coming out stronger. Maybe they’re just better off not being friends. Is better to have small amount of true friends than have lots of fake friends

      • what-ever says:

        Your so on point !!! I agree with what u said.

        Men always say ” BROs before hoes.”

        So what do the girlfriends/ladies say to one another???? – I have NO clue !! Lol !!!

        I’m not a fan of any of the girls
        b/c my Ch.3 actress is Mew Nittha and she is just too muture for these high school girl drama.

        I’m sure their all good actress but the news of this friendship is always the BIG topic, so I read and observe and listen to the ladies respond and u can just totally tell who’s right and who’s wrong. Who’s nice and who’s rude. And it’s just SAD. 🙁

        As the friendship goes, I have always believe that small amount of true friends is way better b/c there NO drama.

        I don’t think anybody care but I have 3 VERY close friend and that’s it. I sure can make more but I choose not to.

      • kler says:

        I think your words are too much that you felt disappointed in Kim.
        You know what… Before you say those words, have you even realize how much it gonna hurt Kim or make her feel upset.?
        I mean it’s always good to give your opinion to other people. You know sometimes it just too hard for an actors or an actresses not to make a mistake too. It because they’re human and they might seem to make a mistake but we’re their FAN! We always have to support them no matter what.. But still that was ours own choice.. And if we don’t want to that’s fine!

        I’m only sixteen and I know I’m not suppose to say this kind of words but still I love those actresses and I don’t want them to get hurt either so I’m really sorry if my words goes too far.

  7. angielee says:

    sad!! Pray for you girls. Take care. Love princess urassaya.

  8. angielee says:

    Almost forgot karma the person who make up this rumor and may god bless this poor girls.

  9. Berry says:

    Just because she decided that she didn’t want to get involved with the differences between her friends does not make her a bad person. Some people might view it as selfish, but sometimes not being involved can help NOT add fuel to the fire. Unfortunately for Yaya, it looks bad for her because there’s people with expectations at fault always needing someone to be involved with their own mess. This goes for people who don’t know how to fight their own battles too. I understand her because I have came across lots of people who just can’t handle confrontation so they stay away. There’s nothing wrong with it.

  10. yolanda says:

    I think it’s so funny that so many people said they feel disappointed about kim choose mark over a friend,but kim became friend with mint when they in 4hhj,at the mean time,kim also became friend with mark,kim and mark kept working together in a few years,doesn’t mark is also kim’s friend(obviously best friend)before he is her boyfriend?
    Also,no one actually know everything happen between them,if they are all still friend,then great,if they are not,just hope they are all happy
    even if yaya and margie chose kim over mint,that’s their choice,no one have right to judge their personal life,and they are celebrity,all they could say is “we are all friend”
    no matter if you are still friend or not

  11. kat says:

    I wouldn’t choose any man over friendship! been there done that twice, there’s so many men out there but true friends that will be there through thick & thin only a few. thousands are fake!!! so be alert and test them out if u can

  12. kat says:

    It’s very hard to find true friends won’t stab behind your back!!!! but no matter what about kim, mint, mark, yaya….will always support them no matter that’s life…hope that they will come to their senses and realize that friendship goes so far. ..cya

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