Yaya Urassaya clears feuding rumors with Nadech’s family and James Ji

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  1. angielee says:

    wow…. the media will dig anthing to get the answer. yaya answer it pretty well. i hope this question and answer will clear every thing up.

    congratulations to princess yaya ( hot girl of the year ). i’m sooooo pourd of yaya. you earned it my princess ( p’nadech princess yaya).

    about the puppy name, it crack me up, lol!!!! yenyen, yaya, could it be? maybe p’nadech name it after yaya, some thing like that.

    mai thank you so much for shearing the news. thank you for your hard work.

  2. angielee says:

    just want to say something mai. you guys carck me up about the two old ladies baby sit p’nadech and yaya. i laugh so hard until i fall to the floor. still luaghing…..

    i don’t know why i cannot register to login the forum. any hlep will be good.

    • Mai says:

      It should be working, I dont know why so many are having issues. So you’re not alone. I’ll sign you up. Is that email you’re using to reply here at the blog active? I can have the passowrd sent to that email for you

  3. angielee says:

    yes the email is active. please help me.

    • Mai says:

      check your inbox then cus I sent the information to it already. Your username is going to be what you use here at the blog. If you dont see the email just go to the forum and reset the password so you can get another email to reset it

  4. angielee says:

    thank you!!!

  5. angielee says:

    if you look at the top of this page. it said forum on the top. you can go in there and read but you cannot post any comment because you need to register.

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