Yaya Urassaya refutes withdrawing from events that has James Ji

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  1. Danyestelle says:

    she bores me… and as an artist, she doesn’t seem to want to go beyond the image of cute/witty girl that she always seems to portrait in most of her lakorns. IMO, her constant pairing with Nadech is getting old/boring but if that’s what the Thai audience wants, I guess she won’t get out of it any time soon (or even want to maybe)…

    • amy says:

      Omg i totally agree with you!!

    • SugarCandy says:

      I agree.. the channel should change the constant pairing. it’s getting bored

    • Berry says:

      You just notice her pairing with Nadech because of all the news and attention she gets whenever she has work with him. Yaya has paired up with a handful of guys like Rome, Mark, Um Atichart, Por, and now James Ji. Those first 4 guys obviously didn’t work out for her much because people only seem to notice her and Nadech. I honestly get bored of their pairing too but she seem to work best with him. Hopefully she can score her other best project with her new partner James Ji. If that becomes a fail, it will really show that her acting skills varies.

      Cute and witty can only get you so far, but talent won’t make people question your validation.

      • Lyly says:

        Nadech, on the other hand, also plays best with yaya. That’s why I think they compliment each other. No one of them take advantage of another. I’ve seen Nadech played with Kim, and they weren’t that suitable. For yaya, let’s say whenever she played with other guys, she never had any special romantic scenes with them like kissing something like that. Only when she plays with Nadech that she has more love scenes together.

        • Shampoo says:

          Kim was his only other Nang’ek we seen him with. So we’ll see how he is with other actresses now that he has opportunities with other Nang’eks I.e. Taew, pat and mew.

          • Lyly says:

            They’re both still young and has more to grow. So, let’s wish them all the best in any future works they do. Actually, they are really nice people, inside and out. It’s a rare to see any actor/actress behave the way they are compared to some others who’s trying to act even in real life.

        • Berry says:

          I agree with you about Nadech and Kim, but my reason is because I was used to them being siblings because of that series. Although, ratings did say otherwise about Kim and Nadech because they scored double digits together. So we’ll see.

    • Lizander says:

      I totally agree with you!

  2. yaya is not boring she is just following the ch3’s command and the demand of the majority her constant pairing with nadech is a hit and selling like hot cakes so ch3 is pairing them always they earn a lot from yadech from many events tv commercial dealings the boring ones are the ones who are not bankables like yadech…peace

    • Layla says:

      HOLLA!!! Makes perfect sense! I ship Nadech & Yaya! I’ve seen them in other lakorns w/diff actors/actresses, but the chemistry is just not the same. Regardless I will cheer for them both to continue doing well in the future paired together or not. James Ji is tooooooo dorky…NO NO NOoooo. I’ll watch the lakorn because Yaya is in it, but he ain’t cute.

  3. Lyly says:

    Never get bored of them. No matter how many more times they play together. They deserve and compliment each other. Yaya is at best when she’s being herself. That’s why her character is always a cutie in the lakorns.

  4. Lizander says:

    It does gets boring when actors/actresses get paired with the same people all the time. I normally skipped them. Hopefully, she gets better roles to really show us if she can really act different roles besides the cutesies/wittiness. I personally liked her first role with Rome. It was a more mature role. Just my opinion. 🙂

  5. Nylover says:

    Love ny to the max!! Most beautiful couple on earth! 🙂

  6. emma Qiyue says:

    I love Yadech no matter how often they work together , it’s seems like many fans has getting bored with them . But as fans , we should just support them no matter what , isn’t it ??

  7. people who said yadech constant pairing is boring have the freedom to ignore yadech’s lakorn but ch3 can never stop their pairing no matter what truth is yadech is a huge pai of money maker because majority loves them but ch3 is kind enough to non yadech fans like yaya has new lakorn with jj and nadech has his own with mew and teaw….let us all be happy

  8. rachelle says:

    yea i agree them being paired in the same lakorn are the best to watch so far, i only watch when them 2 are involved esp when they are together, i dont normally watch thai drama’s but them 2 together its just cutness and sweetness overload… and its not cheezy to watch like some other thai drama’s …. im waiting for their next project together after rising sun is over…..cannnnnnt waitt. does anyone know of their next project together?

  9. katty says:

    can i assume who said yaya only have cute image didn’t watch rftd???…lmao XD…i also believe yaya already make a distance with nadech bit by bit by her action even her word say otherwise.now i just hope nadech is the one should stop show his care for yaya. so people will not feel so bored of them.peace yo~
    ( ̄ー ̄)V

  10. @katty i am sorry to disappoint you you cant stop nadech to take care of yaya……. nadech is already smitten by her….i am a yadech fan but i careless a lot whoever their next partner in a lakorn or endorsement deals i am just a reasonable fan.

  11. angielee says:

    yaya is not boring. what is wrong with you people? you guys should be shameful for saying things that you know is not true. either you guys don’t like her or jealous of her. yaya is a good actress and her skill is very high for her age. let channel 3 speak for yaya because they make so much money out naya. by the way, james is so ugly. they should pair yaya with a p’ek that is more handsome then him…………..nadech love yaya

  12. kaveh yousefzadeh says:

    how do you do?
    i have seen first episode of life wave series.it seems it is so interesting and attractive series!i kiss my dearest madam Urassaya Sperbund,this series protagonist and her so lovely co-stars from far distance so much!i wish i could see them in thai,…a lot in my lifetime!i kiss and bearhug all of them from faR DItance so much!
    kaveh yousefzadeh
    kaveh yousefzadeh

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